Thursday, May 24, 2007

Those pesky Freemasons are at it again....

Dig this headline from cryptocracy mouthpiece The New York Times: "Israel Arrests 33 Hamas Officials" (boldface added). This number, friends, is most obviously a sign that this event is yet another example of Freemasons flaunting their control of all world events. None dare call it conspiracy!

From the last link:
There is literally an infinite list of events and dates correlating with the numbers # 13 and # 33 that when examined closely dovetail seemingly with some master plan that precludes mere coincidence.

An infinite list? Wow.


  1. That "33" in the headline really jumps out thanks to that weird NY Times font that places the numbers a half-step below letters. Almost like an invitation (to those *who know*) to read more. Surely a close reading of the article could reveal coded messages? This phrase, for example: “Amnah was crawling down the stairs and Dalal fell unconscious.” Code, surely? No?

  2. Of course, this article is cited merely because of the 33 in the title, which is pretty much the entire basis of the conspiracy theory put forth at the second the article with your idea in mind the NYT article does come across as a series of coded messages. Another example:

    Mr. Solana said after the meeting that “the rockets have to stop.”


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