Friday, May 15, 2015

Grandmaster Flashy

Grandmaster Flash Henry X°
If you follow Masonic news you've undoubtedly already read about the Masonic Fraternal Police DepartmentThree unworthy craftsmen -- Rev. Tonette Hayes, Brandon Kiel and David Henry -- were arrested at the end of April for impersonating police officers.   Until a day or two ago, they still had a website up.  No great loss -- it was light on info and most sections were password protected.  (Which actually makes sense come to think about it).  Briefly put, this group of would-be cops claims to have been set up in 1100 BC by the Knights Templar.  Maybe they confused BC and AD.... 

Hey, there's already a Templar drug cartel, so why not Templar police as well?

Trouble is, despite that one of the three "Templars" arrested in connection with this case is (and soon to be was, I imagine) an aide to the California state Attorney General (doh!), none of them, including "Chief" David Henry, have any legitimate law enforcement credentials.  The police force, like some if not all of the lodges with which the arrested members claim to be affiliated, are not recognized by any duly-chartered Masonic bodies -- in Masonic jurisprudence they are considered "clandestine" .

It's a weird case.  These guys walked around L.A. claiming to be cops and had acquired an impressive collection of weapons, uniforms, law enforcement-type vehicles....which is why I can't quite ken why members actually went around to various police stations and introduced themselves and their mission.  "Call on us" they announced and left their calling cards, literally; the AG's aide used his card from the AG's office.  I'll bet she's thrilled.

Masonry is quite popular among police officers in the US and the UK -- as well as the military -- and has had a long relationship with Scouting.  From an article about Masonry and Scouting I wrote many years ago:
Scouting itself, as conceived by Lord Baden-Powell, has some undeniable Masonic traits; after all, they are both linear systems of progression which use symbolically-charged rituals to instill in men certain lessons about moral, civic and religious duty.
Excluding the emphasis on religious duty, but not totally devoid of ritual, I think these characteristics could describe police culture as well.  The ranks, the hierarchy, the insular culture and the sense of civil duty, order and solidarity are shared by the Mason and the police officer alike.  Consider for example the Fraternal Order of Police.  One look at their emblem and the Masonic influence is clear:  it contains an eye quite like the Eye of Providence, the clasped hands of friendship and a checkerboard.  The repetition of three medallions on the shield and the three towers of the castle that surmounts it could be a nod to Masonic symbolism.  The emblem itself, like those of police departments across the nation, is a five-pointed star.  In Masonry the star represents the five points of fellowship (see Lone Star Republics) and the widely-used Blazing Star is is considered by some to be "one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry."  For one example see the FOP emblem side-by-side with that of the Order of the Eastern Star.

The FOP is even organized into Lodges, explained as a result of the anti-union sentiment among the law enforcement establishment at the time of its founding in 1915.  One can't go around assassinating labor leaders and strike-busting and call oneself a union now, can one?  The FOP actually shares at least one set of values with Freemasonry.  When the FOP went national in 1918 it constitution declared that "race, Creed or Color shall be no bar" to membership.  The Grand Lodge of the FOP (another masonic term) doesn't declare any Masonic affinities, but their slogan -- "Building on a proud tradition" -- may be a case of me making mucho ado about nada -- or it may be a nod to Masonic metaphor, e.g. "building better men".

But these Masonic police are not only not police, they're not Masons either, at least Masons recognized by the Grand Lodge of California, Prince Hall or otherwise.  They appear to be led by a guy calling himself Grandmaster Henry X, aka Chief Henry.  Henry's title of "Grandmaster" is as dubious as his title of "Chief".  But that's just for starters.  His Google + profile has him being not only a Templar Police Chief but the head of the Illuminati, to boot!

Bragging rights

Note all those crazy degrees.  He's got the 32° and 33° of the Scottish Rite, the 90° may refer to the Rite of Misraïm.  I wonder if the X is a reference to Malcolm X and the 360° to the Five Percenters?

Hard to say.  Henry may just be adding numbers to his name, but given the plethora of rites and practices both recognized and clandestine, it's quite possible he actual did some of the degree work he claims to have done.  A picture labelled "A very young Grandmaster Henry X°" shows hims in an all-black Lodge which may or may not be a recognized Prince Hall Lodge.

Is this a recognized or a clandestine Lodge?  Is it really even Henry?
Whatever the case, we're looking forward to seeing what develops.  The last news dates from 6 May and as far as we know, the Chief has been in custody since this time.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

New World Odor

An entrance to a secret underground Illuminati city?
That title ain't no misprint. Henry Makow, Ph.D. reprints a Michael Hoffman (II) missive under the title Psychological Coercion, Illuminati Style.  From that text:
It isn't only the shocking nature of the changes imposed by the revolution, it is the speed by which three millennia of Western Christian civilization have been swept away since the rise of the sodomite-imposed rights movement in the 1960's. In a little more than 50-years the golem-goyim of America have permitted the surrender of our nation to those who make a love canal out of the sewer of the human body. (Emphasis mine).
Tell me about it, Mike! The Illuminati-controlled contractor responsible for the upgrades on the village sewer network aren't shy at all about giving a shout-out to their overlords, our Masters.

An entrance to a secret underground Illuminati city?
Something stinks here, literally.

Just at the moment the U.S. Supreme Court is meeting in order to discuss the constitutionality of same-sex marriage, the French tentacle of the Illuminati just can't resist giving a wave to their U.S. fellow travelers. Why else so brazenly mark their work with the eye in a triangle? They are all-seeing, even from within your toilet, their favorite point of view, (un)naturally! As for the coded numbers, who knows? I'm no Dan Brown. But next time you sit down to do the doo-doo, make sure you do it through a sheet with a hole cut in it, Jewish style (sheet/shit, get it?) Oh wait, apparently that's just anti-Semitic rumor-mongering. At least according to Snopes, who always get to the bottom of things.

We wonder if this sewer work is merely about installing cameras in your toilet, or if it's also part of an extension of the vast underground complex centered at Blagnac airport. The Illuminati loves these (see Down in a Hole, 25 May 2013); the secret underground base beneath Denver airport, for example, will serve as both a massive FEMA-managed concentration camp and a landing area for the Illuminati's alien overlords, revelated to the world in Christopher Wilson's Tripod Trilogy under the name of the Masters, pyramid-shaped creatures with 3 legs and 3 tentacles, these latter representing the French, American and Sirius-based arms of the Illuminati.

They also had 3 eyes, "set in a flattened triangle". You didn't think that one eye in the Illuminati symbol was literal, did you?

Here's lookin' at you, kid!

Toulouse is the "ville rose", or "pink city"; that triangle set into the Masters forehead is a pink triangle and the Blagnac base a vast prison for the opponents of gay-marriage, which, once approved in the U.S., will become legal in France. No coincidence that the pink city is also something like the San Francisco of France, with a high gay-to-straight ratio. What else would you expect of town where the Consistori del Gay Saber (Consistory of Gay Science) was founded in -- get this 1323. 13? 23? Fnord!

This group was originally called the Consistori dels Sept Trobadors (Consistory of Seven Troubadours), who were in fact seven Illuminati. The Consistory was dedicated to promoting such sissified activities as dancing and poetry as opposed to the more manly pursuits of hunting, rugby and warfare. It was the troubadours who created and promoted a feminine ideal, spreading the cults of the Virgin Mary, la Belle Paule and most of all, their patroness, Clémence Isaure, the Golden Isis. This worship of the female began to overturn the phallocentric model of early Christianity and essentially feminized the culture of Southern France, vaunting infidelity, feminine pursuits and above all, homosexuality.

So Hoffman, although essentially correct in his description of the thrust of the sodomite agenda, incorrectly places its origin to the 1960s, the beginning of the Stonewall-inspired "gay pride" movement only now reaching its climax as it goes before the 9 unisex troubadours of the U.S. Supreme Court. It actually began nearly 700 years ago, in Toulouse (Too loose!)

So those spray-painted sigils are only a wink and a nod from the rank and file drones of the Illuminati, celebrating the pre-ordained victory over one of the last cultural vestiges of God-fearing (straight) men and women everywhere: marriage. As Henry Makow, Ph.D. himself laments, they've already gotten to the Scouts! (Boy Scouts -- Model of Masonic Subversion?). And don't get us started on Disney! (see Queens of the Ice Age, 22 March 2013).
Like most major institutions, the Boy Scouts appears to have been subverted by Freemasonry, which has a hidden agenda of promoting homosexuality and denying God.

The Illuminati (the highest rung of Cabalistic Freemasonry) intends to degrade mankind and deliver us to Lucifer as Tribute. It spits in the face of God and mankind seems only too willing to go along.
What a bummer.