Thursday, May 29, 2008

Smiley Face Killers

Some nine months back, the LoS reported on the Mississippi River's apparent appetite for death.

And now we learn with fear and sadness that Christopher Jenkins, supposedly a victim of accidental drowning in the Mississippi near downtown Minneapolis on Halloween of 2002, was perhaps a victim of the Smiley Face Killers:


In all, the investigators say they've connected the bizarre drowning deaths of at least 40 college-age men across the country ... connected by a creepy symbol left near the water's edge: a smiley face painted on trees and other surfaces ... The most sinister was found in Iowa ... drawn in red with a devil's horns. Next to the smiley face was a note that read, "Evil Happy Smiley Face Man." ... The detectives say the string of deaths could be the work of more than one killer because some of them took place on the same day in different states. "It's so widespread. We have so many different victims in so many different areas," Duarte said. "It would, in my view, be impossible to be one person."

Let's repeat that last statement from Detective Duarte: "It would, in my view, be impossible to be one person."

Now let's jump west to British Columbia, where four sneaker-wearing severed right feet have washed to shore in British Columbia in less than one year.

What the?!? Four severed *right* feet washed to shore!?! Four?!?

Let's repeat, again, that last statement from Detective Duarte: "It would, in my view, be impossible to be one person."

An astute blog-reader recently noted this pair of quotes from Charles Manson and David Berkowitz (Son of Sam):

What about your children? You say there are just a few? There are many, many more, coming in the same direction. They are running in the streets -- and they are coming right at you! -- CM

There are other 'Sons' out there -- God help the world. --DB

With that in mind, consider the gruesome case of the Happy Face Killer, currently incarcerated for eight murders, a string of crimes committed while the killer taunted the police with notes inscribed with a smiley face.

Again, Detective Duarte: "It would, in my view, be impossible to be one person." Say it three times and it's true.

Thank you, Detective. I will sleep soundly as I dream of the Happy Face Killer bilocated, roaming and killing while quietly incarcerated.

The face of the LORD is against them that do evil -- Psalm 34:16

God help us.


  1. Quote:

    In The Ultimate Evil, author Maury Terry contends that the Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz was a member of “The Children”, a satanic cult based out of Venice, California, with links to the military and intelligence establishments. According to Terry, “The Children” is a splinter group of The Process Church of the Final Judgment, which--although officially disbanded some 30 years ago--continues to operate secretly in six major U.S. cities. Terry claims that The Process Church operates from a “remote enclave” in New York and has changed its name many times, accumulating millions of dollars in real estate holdings along the way.

    In his treatise, Terry accused The Process of Hitler worship, animal sacrifice, drug running, kiddie porn, murder, and complicity in Son of Sam. Process apologists argue that Terry took Process founder Robert DeGrimston's symbolic teachings too literally and that The Ultimate Evil suffers from poor logic, draws from dubious sources, and is littered with “red herrings”.

    According to Terry, Berkowitz--though admittedly involved in some of the Son of Sam murders--was set up as a fall guy by the “The Children” for the entire series of murders, much in the same manner that Charles Manson may have been similarly manipulated in the Tate-LaBianca murders.

    From various sources--among them, Berkowitz himself--Terry learned that one Son of Sam murder was videotaped and that the cameraman (Ronald Sisman) was subsequently murdered by cult members when they went to recover the Son of Sam snuff film. Terry pinned this murder on a mysterious figure dubbed Manson II, whom he later identified as William Mentzer, an “occult superstar” and hit man who moved through the same late 1960’s milieu of sex, drugs, and porn as Manson -- and who had been intimate with Tate-LaBianca murder victim, Abigail Folger. Terry quoted his source on Mentzer/Manson II as “someone in the intelligence community”.

    Adam Gorightly

    This came to mind after reading the quote from Berkowit.

  2. Very astute, Daurade -- that set of quotes (Manson and Berkowitz) was taken from the conclusion of "The Ultimate Evil."

  3. Fifth severed foot found on Canadian coast

    "These are pristine islands, not the place where you would expect to find a bunch of severed feet."



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