Friday, January 2, 2009

Thousands of shoes tie up Miami freeway traffic

MIAMI (AP) — State troopers are looking for a charity to take thousands of shoes that were dumped on a Miami expressway, tying up rush hour traffic. Lt. Pat Santangelo says the Florida Highway Patrol received a call about the shoes Friday morning.

Santangelo says he's not sure where the shoes came from. There were no signs of a crash and no one stopped to claim them. He says he hopes someone will take them because he doesn't want to send them to the dump.

Workers using a front-end loader and a dump truck were able to quickly clear at least one lane by sweeping all the shoes to shoulder, but delays were expected until they could all be removed.


  1. "Tens of thousands of protesters showed their anger at the Israeli bombing of Gaza today in a series of rallies across the UK that included throwing shoes at the gates of Downing Street.

    "More than a
    thousands pairs of footwear
    were thrown by protesters marching down Whitehall."

  2. Wonder if this new form of protest will last?

    "SARAJEVO (AFP) — A few hundred Bosnians on Saturday vented their spleen at political leaders in a shoe-throwing protest in Sarajevo inspired by an Iraqi journalist's footwear attack on George W. Bush."

  3. I'm tempted to say that this form of expression has legs: Don't forget that the Canadian shore was riddled with shoes well before Bush.

    See: Sixth Foot Ashore.


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