Saturday, April 2, 2011

....and then bomb it.

Back on July 24, 2010 (Smash it Up) we reported that the so-called "Illuminati Pyramid" in Blagnac had been damaged.  As you can see from the following picture, a portion of one of the bronze tablets symbolizing the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen is still missing a piece.

At the time we asked: 

Did it come loose? Had it become wonky, forcing the municipality to remove it for repair?

Or was it vandalized? Did some angry guy come along and bang it off? Was this a political act? Will we see more of this in the future?

Well, it has happened again and there's no doubt this time it was an act of vandalism, albeit not likely for political reasons.  As the second shot makes clear, it's more of the "carve a heart on a tree" kind of vandalism than anything else.


This monument's in constant evolution.  In February 2010 the city covered up the mosaic on the floor of the basin into which the water from the "Temple of Supreme Wisdom" flows.  This mosaic map of the world was probably leaking and causing damage to the surrounding earth; several paving stones have in fact sunk and/or otherwise become unaligned.

Anyway, this kind of thing isn't unique.  I titled my brief post on the Georgia Guidestones "God is stronger than the NWO" after some graffiti left on that cryptic monument which has come under repeated attack.

Anyway, I'm sure I could go on to a survey of political vandalism, history is rife with it:  Pharoahs and Ceasars effacing names from monuments, Spanish Republicans decapitating statues of saints, etc. but to be honest, I'm a bit too lazy.

Personally, I find tagging to be an annoying form of semi-permanent territorial pissing and have little tolerance for it.  Then again, back when I was a college student we used to impress people by taking them to the town cemetery to see the enormous headstone of one Roy L. Cook (Royal Cook!), which  features the initials KKK and a tilted cross, in flames.  That stone bore the marks of repeated abuse from various liquids and food items and I myself pissed on it more than once.  Googling it, I find Cook appears in a book entitled (Haunted Deland : the ghosts of West Volusia County).

So, I understand the urge to desecrate that which one doesn't particularly appreciate.  On a related note:  in Gainesville, not far from that burning cross in Deland, that pastor dude went ahead and burned a Koran, something he'd threatened to do last year among much media hand-wringing.  Riots have erupted in Afghanistan and at least 16 people have been killed; seven of these were UN relief workers who were shot after rioters stormed their compound.  Which of course helps said pastor make his point.

But anyway, I don't have any particular point with this last paragraph.  It seems relevant though.

Now I can spend the night wondering whether or not an open display of KKK pride justifies pissing on someone's grave....please tell me yes, dear readers!


  1. Let's go together piss one more time on Cook's grave for good measure, what the hell. I think there's a big difference between burning a Koran - a general statement of hate towards millions of innocent people, and pissing on the grave of a specific hater (or killer?). In a way, it would come to pissing on the pastor dude's grave, since he iniates a general statement of indifferentiated hatred. Of course, I know you are going to say : well, who are we to judge who should be pissed on or not ? Well, god just told me to, hon hon hon.

    miji67 (bb today with alex dude playing ;-)

  2. Good points all. I'm guessing the pastor dude (as in "Dude, you have no Quran!" -- sadly, the pastor dude did) got exactly what he wanted.

  3. That's a good distinction b/t hating the individual vs. hating a group.

    Love, for example, how that "Dude, you have no Quran" focused his comments on one "dude" instead of the bigger group out there. (Grabbing a kerosene doused book off a grill in front of an angry mob, btw, took some balls!)

    Now when I die, please feel free to piss on my grave; I won't care.

    My brothers, on the other hand, might kick yer ass ...

    Just kidding; lucky for you, while they're not peaceful, they're also not violent--speakin' of making distinctions...

    (Did you really remember the name on that grave, Daurade? Impressive.)

  4. Did you ever see the grave? I'm sure you did. Anyway, this book burning nonsense....I actually wonder if they guy expected, hoped for a deadly reaction to illustrate the point he wanted to make. Obviously, killing a person of one nationality for the actions of someone in another country is ridiculous, but it seems reprehensible to incite that killing for propaganda purposes.

    Maybe the protestors should have merely burned a Bible instead.

  5. When one starts feeding fear and hate, there is no telling when and who will end up in a plate... tickle the lowest part of human kind and then run... if you can...

  6. Can you post of a picture of Roy Cook's headstone?

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  8. Googling Roy Cook's headstone brings us to a page operated by the Klan and has Cook's stone plus various others.

    A bit scary how you can find just about anything on ye olde intertubes!

    Some day I'll find my photo of the stone and scan it, but that may be a mong time comin'.


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