Monday, September 12, 2011

Just pulling our legs
We've been assiduously following the mystery of the Canadian feet.  The story is weird enough, but along the way there have been at least two hoaxes to muddle the facts.  Now it seems four hoax feet were found last Monday.  From the Times Colonist:

The shoes were stuffed with pork or beef in what police believe was a student prank, part of an annual student ritual called Endurance Night. Police are now looking for the culprits.

With a disturbing bevy of floating feet found in the area, I'm sure the Mounties don't need these hoaxes.  Waste of time, money, energy.  But if the culprits are found, could they be charged with anything other than littering or illegal dumping?  Are hoaxes illegal?  Could they be charged with the Canadian equivalent of obstructing justice?  Or, if police resources are squandered as a result of a hoax, is there a separate charge?  Some sort of financial liability?

Anyway, according to local rag the Oak Bay News, the night otherwise passed quietly:  "Unlike previous years, officers didn’t respond to any rowdy incidents involving youth...."

Oak Bay itself seems to be a rather tony suburb of Victoria, and its coat of arms features a sea-lion (a lion with a fish-tail as opposed to hindquarters), the shield surmounted by one of those crowns in the form of a tower we mentioned in the last post.  The motto:   Sub Quercu Felicitas:  "Under the Oak, Good Fortune"

Which is all rather irrelevant, but interesting nonetheless.

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