Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Real DARPA devices, experiments and statistics hidden among Wikileaks files

Humanoid-eradication doublet -- 'soccer' configuration

'Confucius'-type relay for liquid-laser wraith enclosure
'Vendetta'-type (k-4.32) twin-sided blindness defense activator
Control humans versus 'Siamese' twins and triplets; psychic blast-radius in sucide ESP attacks

Illuminati-satellite-blocking helmet materials -- crown-pipe and 'thought-tube' diameters and material indicators

Sine-wave amplitude readings -- huminal testing of thought-based plasmosonic weaponry

Progress of witness-liquidation after circumpunct sightings in NE Vermont 1963-1986

Variable-speed parasite-projectile control unit; quasi-portable version 2.2

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