Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Barack Obama: Hogwart's Alumnus

AP photograph

This apparently undoctored photo will probably raise some hackles.  I'm going to give it a few days, make some web searches and see if anybody seriously suggests this is proof of Satanism and or Illuminism in the White House.  I'd be willing to wager a large sum there are forums where this is already being discussed.

My take is that the photographer is playing on the fact the election is a few months away and that Obama and his strategists would love to have a crystal ball to tell them what lays in store for the future, but then again, I'm only a sheeple.

If this is Twilight Language (as opposed to good old-fashioned symbolism, metaphor and artistic intent), what do you suppose the message is supposed to be?



  1. Didn't even think of the Half-Blood Prince when I titled this.

  2. This is undoctored? The shadows above and to the right of the orb seem odd.

    1. I read it was undoctored on the internet, so it must be true. But seriously, that shape does look odd. Could it be the structure that s holding the light. Like a tower in a stadium, which is why it appears to be behind the orb? That would be my guess.

    2. I'm skeptical; even it's structures holding the light, I would bet that the background were* brushed blue, but strange photos do happen.

      Of course he's dressed in something that could pass for a wizard's black cape!

      Any idea where the picture was taken?

      And ... he's wearing a watch? People still watches?

      * Should that be "were" or "was"? I have trouble with conjugating the conditional/hypothetical tense (or whatever that's called).

    3. "Were" is best, but "was" is acceptable! And yes, I wear a watch. (A stainless steel Swatch, no less!) I think he's wearing an anorak, btw, but I have no idea of the context. I think it's strange enough to be undoctored....


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