Friday, September 7, 2012


August was National Sandwich Month!




(...and pancakes)

(and sausages, too.)


  1. Haha! This gave me a serious bout of homesickness. I might actually kill a man here if I saw him walking down the street with a genuine Cuban sammich in his hand! Honestly, this is what I miss most about our weirdo-filled swamp of a state. 'sniff'

    The French can do just about anything with foiod better than anyone else. Except for sammiches! They're total shit when it comes to the sammich.

    Also, that third sandwich link isn't written correctly....leads nowhere!

    1. Dang, major linkage issues these days! That should be working now!

      I haven't spent much time in France, but when I lived in England, I was sadly aware of the poor quality of their sammies when compared to States!

  2. Replies
    1. What an awful-looking croque monsieur! Seriously, what with Cuban sandwiches, delis, etc. Americans have got it made sandwich-wise. Subway recently showed up in Toulouse, and I hate to say it, but it was the first time I'd had a decent sandwich, basically ever, in this town. I mean, the sandwiches here aren't even fit for animals. It's pathetic, insulting, sad.

      On the other hand, the things you can eat here blow the mind, making most American meals look like laboratory food-facsimiles made from processed garbage. So there is a trade off!

    2. It's interesting how certain places seem to absolutely
      nail food.

      France. Italy. No question.

      I'd add Japan and possibly Korea.

      I hear stories from Argentina.

      Russia probably does a lot of food wrong, but boy-oh-boy do they do some things right!

      Why is this?

      And what other places have I missed?

    3. I've had some pretty badass meals in Greece, Mexico and Portugal. Once in Portugal a resto who'd stopped serving whipped up some concoction with leftover chicken, pork and seafood all thrown together in a clay bowl with rice that to this day stands out as having been double-D-licious!


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