Monday, December 16, 2013

My fist is small but my halo is large

"Our most recent post about the phenomenon of photographers photographing politicians and popes so that a conveniently placed light or other applicable circle appears to form a halo around their heads also conveniently recapitulates LoS' collection of said photos, along with a small barrel, a tin honestly, of related images witch toy about with the air of human sanctity.  Or devilry."
--J. Jonah Jameson
You can see some other examples here on LoS, or you can see how this photo actually niftily relates to the content of an article (Like Pope Francis? You’ll love Jesus.) in today's WaPo about the liberal love affair with our Lateran lad.


  1. Where's the LIKE button around here?

    1. That would be cool, eh? You notice we don't get many comments these days? I wonder if it's cuz I put in the verification step? Thing is, if I remove it were floating in spam within the day!


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