Sunday, August 10, 2014


My latest film effort is a way to tool about with Movie Maker.  My wife and I intend to make films using this basic software and footage from cell phones, digital still and video cameras and found sound, over-dubbed dialogue, BBC sound effects....A kind of minimalist approach, using whatever's at hand.  I always hate hearing people say "I'd make films but I don't have the money or the equipment."  This is no longer valid.  Fortunately, there is free software and cheap equipment out there.  Anyone with a cell phone and access to a computer can make a film.  So yeah, there's a lot of crap on YouTube, but we want to try and making something  good, exploiting what might be seen as limitations and develop an aesthetic.  We have some simple ideas, we're not looking to make a feature, but experiment, have fun and hopefully interest some people in what we're doing.  No pretense to being especially original or innovative in what we do, though we'll try and plus, we want to do it, so we're not gonna let the fact we're not talented filmmakers stop us.

This film actually comes from images I'd been collecting for the very purpose of making a film.  My wife both smiled and grimaced when she saw it, called it kind of "trashy".  I took a deconstructed version of "To all the girls I've loved before" and played it over a series of still images from ads, photo shoots, media, selfies, etc. of sexy women in bikinis, lingerie, nun's habits, naked....anyway, the quote is from the song of the same name and is more a poke at myself than anything else, as if I'm the last of the international playboys, going through super models like a couch potato and his cannibal crisps!  OK, whatever that means.  Anyway, it's a goof, but I know some will find it sexist, which I regret and isn't my intent, but I won't say I'm making a critical comment about the objectification of women or anything noble like that.  I actually selected each of these images because of an erotic charge.  So in a way it's an homage to women or images I found sexy.  It is kind of pervy, though.  Needless to say, it's NSFW.

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