Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A trump is a playing card which is elevated above its normal rank in trick-taking games.

Seeing as I view The Donald with such disdain, I'd like to help spread this gaffe around.  

Trump's campaign tweeted the following image the other day and pulled it down after about an hour, blaming the mistake on an intern.  Which is probably true, but it's pretty much symbolic of Trump's whole campaign -- full off bloviation and jingoism, but pretty much bereft of any concern with the details.  And that's where the devil lies, innit?

Where's Waldo?  That be him in the lower-left hand corner, one of the guys wearing an SS uniform.  Oops.  

Oh Donald, he's got stars in his eyes, a Tribble on his head and Nazis on the White House Lawn; he's probably planning on serving some of that delicious Hitler ice cream at his inauguration.

Which probably won't happen but then again 
In the same hour as the apparent Nazi imagery surfaced, USA Today released a poll showing that Trump is now the leading candidate for the Republican party’s presidential nomination.  (The Guardian)


  1. Wow, good catch. Trump's definitely kept the politics interesting.

    In that pic, he also put the almighty $20 above the White House.

  2. Money über alles!

    I wonder if the use of the 20 was carefully considered? Like obviously a 5 or 10 is not really affluent, but maybe a 50 is rarely seen by many people, so it would be too "elitist" to flash, whereas the 20 is still a nice chunk of change but still something the common working stiff might have in their pocket. So it denotes a certain spending power within one's reach.

    I actually enjoyed reading "The Art of Deal" many years ago but this guy's clearly just playing people and working on some nasty strains of populism and nativism at the moment, whatever works, cuz historically the guy has supported a lot of democrats and "liberal" causes, such as abortion rights.

    His brash, "non-pc" style might win over a few people at the get-go, but he'll eventually alienate too many people. He's pretty much lost the Hispanic vote, and he seems hell-bent on alienating veterans with his ill-considered remarks on McCain. While the maverick was languishing in a Vietnamese hell-hole, the Donald was riding around NY in his dad's limo. Won't sit well with many folks....

  3. Oh wait, I said it was $20s, but it's actually $100s bc, you know, he's a bazillionaire. Which means he's smart, of course.

    I wonder if he actually thinks he could win? I'm astounded by his polling numbers. I mean, people must just be f-in' with the pollsters, right?

    It's really tough to distinguish the news from the Onion these days...

    1. Tip o' the hat to the power of suggestion. Before I responded to yr comment I took a look at the image and it didn't hit me that the bill is a 100 -- I just went with it being a 20! hehe As for thinking he can win, I'm not sure if it's about that or if it's about publicity and notoriety, building his brand....but his popularity seems real enough. People worship wealth, power, celebrity and like his straight to the point no BS style.

    2. I knew Jackson was a fiery populist with a lot of nativist sentiment, so I thought it appropriate he's use a twenny. Which he didn't. He did hang a portrait of Jackson in the Oval office though, with some of his team comparing the two. Depending on your POV, this could be rather ominous. Whatever you think of Jackson's ideology, the Indian Removal Act of 1830 was a particularly brutal piece of legislation in a long line of brutal legislation. I think I'd probably give a nod to another set of Presidential qualities than those embodied in the rather cruel figure of Andrew Jackson.

      Just a little family history. The Adkins farm in Newport Ohio was also the town post office for a while and hosted a debate featuring fellow Black Hawk (!) War veteran and Jackson critic Zachary Taylor.

  4. We already have a president who indirectly supported a right-wing government by not supporting the democracy revolt in Iran, by putting the Muslim Brotherhood into Egypt for a time, got a leader in The Ukraine who had neo-NAZIs with him in the government and supported church burning Syrian rebels. Bush only let Islamofascists into parts of the Mideast via the overthrow of Saddam. Clinton did it by proxy with our soldiers overthrowing Milosevic. People will say "but what about the genocide?" while ignoring genocides elsewhere. Why stop certain ones? Maybe they all work for the same people and play good politician/bad politician with the base and their opponents. It's all made-for tv drama imho.

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. I'm not sure of your point. Are you basically saying Trump can't be any worse than what's come before so either a) let's give him a try or b) boot all the bastards out of Washington? Or c) they're all the same and politics is pretty much a useless spectator sport? Or d) something else entirely.


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