Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snake Food

A friend of ours, while on a temporary hiatus from vegetarianism, once hiked into the Uruguayan (Paraguayan?) jungle with some hunter and gathers, who, nearly starving to death, killed a gigantic snake, cut a pig out of its belly, found a fetus in the partially digested pig, and ate the fetus, which was cheerfully shared with our friend.


I may have lost the object of that sentence. Just to be clear: our vegetarian friend ate a pig fetus from a pregnant pig that was removed from a gigantic snake's gut by hunter and gatherers who were nearly starving to death. Our friend was also starving, and was, temporarily, not a vegetarian.


Here, for example, is an anaconda (?) regurgitating a tapir (?) after being harassed.

To be fair, this snake may have previously eaten humans. I'm just sayin' ...


  1. It was Paraguay.

    She also got so fed up with picking maggots out of the rice that she just cooked the maggots along with the rice. Then there's the guys even farther out in the jungle who spent a long time with only one source of water: a giant mud puddle where people bathed, washed clothes, etc. Then there's the story about how this retarded kid in the village beat a dog to death--slowly--strung by its hindquarters from a tree, while the villagers laughed: just the antics of the local retard doncha know.

    The anthropologist was struggling mightily with the animal lover on that one. She's a veterinarian now....

  2. Speaking of pigs, our chums over at the MAMU RISING blog have come across a bizarre little film which is merely amusing until the darting tongue and the flash of pointy little teeth at the end. Nightmare fuel indeed.


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