Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bietan jarrai

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna or ETA (Basque Homeland and Freedom) is a Basque nationalist group which up until now has advocated independence by any means necessary. Apparently, they've recently announced an indefinite ceasefire and promised to try their hand at democratic participation in order to respect the opinions of the majority of Basques. This wouldn't be the first time. The last such ceasefire ended after a few months with a bombing that killed two hapless Ecuadorians.

But we're not here to go into that. We're more concerned with the image above. There's a comical aspect beside the ominous tone; it's almost a parody of political terrorist gestures. It's also just so darn occult-y.

What caught our eye, given our obsession recently with the serpent and rod symbolism, is their logo with serpent and axe. The motto
Bietan jarrai means "Keep up on both" and refers to the symbols; the snake represents politics and the axe, armed struggle. As in "bury the your head!"

There is also something potent in the image of three men, killers ostensibly, echoing the three hoboes from the grassy knoll or the ruffians who killed Hiram Abiff....not to mention those "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" monkeys....

Seriously though, we're willing to bet there is some kind of more esoteric meaning to this symbol and we're hereby soliciting theories....

For Moses, the serpent on a Tau cross led to victory over illness; for Christians, the serpent on the Cross represents Christ's victory over Original Sin and thus, the Devil.

Maybe it's this simple: The snake on the axe represents victory. Maybe not.


  1. Just in case it didn't go thru:

    Dude, you missed the point, it is a spoof on "Eyes wide shut", can't believe you missed that...

    (also, if it doesn't go thru, this is the 4th time tyring, so you have a problem)

  2. hoho! I actually pondered a line such as "They look like a cross between the guys from Eyes Wide Shut and a group of Penitentes (as seen on LoS)

    Alas, no one will ever believe me.... :)

  3. Not sure about the axe - creation and destruction (masonic, 22nd dgr), thunder. Snake recalls the Caduceus, Rod of Asclepius, DNA (according to Sitchen), Illuminati (according to Icke, Bramely, .et .al).

    Enjoying LoS,
    Td from Atl.

  4. Hey Td, thanks for that link. Lots of great photos to be found there...

    I don't know if you've seen the following posts from back in April and May....they go into the snake symbolism in a bit more detail.

    I can't believe I didn't evoke the fasces in this post....surely there's a relation as the fasces ultimately symbolizes jurisdiction and power. In other words, national sovereignty.



  5. the one in the middle is a chick - if you listened to it you would know that

  6. Well, as you guessed, I hadn't watched the video before posting....I don't remember seeing the video itself linked to in any of the articles I read, but the image, which is what I was concerned with, was ubiquitous. I assumed it was a man, my bad.

    Twas easy enough to find though: here,for example:

    Being in Euskara, though, I understand nothing. I'm not sure if the fact the middle one is a women changes anything about the post, however, being as it was more a whimsical riff on a mental association rather than a serious analysis of some kind of esoteric propaganda trick.

    Still, I'm betting most people simply saw the image as opposed to viewing a video and probably assumed all three are men. Perception here being of the essence.

    Still, I was wrong and should be more careful in the future.

    Thanks for the comment. You're not the same Anonymous trying to sell me Cialis, btw, are you? :)


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