Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photos of St. Fris in Bassoues

Recent Puelles research got me to thinking about another obscure saint called St. Fris, about whom I wrote back in July 2007.

First time I saw St. Fris I had no camera. Second time I went to Bassoues (Gers) I was able to take several good shots of the St. Fris Basilica and a smaller chapel dedicated to him, as well as the hill where he allegedly met his death. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law deleted these shots before I'd transferred them to the computer!

Fortunately a Flickr user (users?) called pjc&co has posted some beautiful shots of the Basilica of Saint Fris taken at the end of August 2010. You'll find that the nave and vaults are painted with a refinement and delicacy rare for such an obscure village church.

Please visit the Bassoues album here. You'll find they quoted the LoS post for some context. Makes me wish I'd done a better job of writing it in the first place!

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