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Monday, June 20, 2011

Choco Strip 1


  1. I thought Choco was a turd at first and thought, "BRILLIANT!" When I realized he was chocolate, I felt a bit less elated. That is profoundly disturbing, I know, but I can't seem to stop laughing.

  2. Well, that is odd. I didn't realize anthropomorphic turds were so appealing! ;)

    But technically, Choco isn't chocolate. His DNA is a creamy blend of chocolate bar, human and unknown extraterrestrial....

  3. What, no nougat?

  4. Arg! I'm not sure I want to follow this train of thought. lol

  5. Never seen this before. Are there more?

    Love to see more strips!

    Don't forget Lil'AA!

  6. This will hopefully be the first of many....despite the distressed and aged look, it's brand new.

  7. love it! can't wait to see more!


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