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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Milk Coma Syndicate

My friend Pinto and I are going to present some of our work -- collages, photography and assemblages -- at Les Pavillons Sauvages.  The opening is on March 16 at about 8 o'clock and will be soundtracked by our friends Habsyll, before morphing into a full-fledged set as the night grows later.  Habsyll describe themselves as "Anti-humanistic, experimental Drone/Noise Doom".  Hey hey!

Beer and wine and rum shall flow, the "art" full of blood and piss and bones.  Come one, come all for a good evening of art and music and booze.

Pavillon Sauvages:  35 Avenue Jean Dagnaux, 31200 Toulouse (Map)


  1. Cool! -- Are you going to scan and post some of these collages? I'd like to see em.

    1. I'll try to document as much as possible. The collages are really old stuff, made in the US, but the assemblages are all more recent. Little versions of the DingDing altar and other things made with dolls and nails. I suggested doing an expo and my pal went with it. Before I knew it we were committed to a space and had music, so I had to step up! I'm kind of anxious because aside from a few dealies here and there have never shown my stuff before--Mom Jokes, a thing in Jemez, but not much else. I think it'll go over well, though, but still, it's a bit scary.

      That's what the logo I sent you was all about, btw, for an alternate image for flyers we'll distribute at the show. Thanks for doing that!

    2. Wish I could be there! I'd love to see whatever you can capture & release online.

    3. I'll do the best I can to document it!

  2. Yeah, it sounds great, wish I could fly out like a pimp just to see it. So, these collages are from the batches you made when you were living in Jemez? I have a few from that era I think, or photocopies of them anyway.

    Which reminds me, I.dlove to have some good frame-able meta-ready photographs of all the Mom Jokes work wrapped in cellophane.

    1. There'll only be five collages I think, from the Jemez-era. I'm not so prolific. Most of the stuff will be things I've made here in Aucamville, with a couple of things made especially for the show. Plus a taxidermied gazelle's head!

      Some of those Mom Jokes photos would be great to include, I think, along with a card detailing their sad/amusing fate. They're all still in a blue suitcase in my mom's garage btw. In the cellophane.

  3. Milk Coma Syndicate: More Milk. Coming in Winter 2016. Feauring the music of Habsyll, dance-theater from No Hay Banda and the sonic stylings of The Milk Coma Orkestra. Collage, assemblage, photography and life-sized marionettes acting out your favorite Biblical scenes....


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