Monday, December 15, 2014


Here's a film still from 2009's Astro Boy.  Rumor has it that they originally wanted to name the robot "Elder of Zion" but ultimately went with "Zog" instead....

I wonder if the makers of this film were aware of the "ZOG" conspiracy theory and decided it wasn't a PR problem -- ZOG's a pretty fringe idea after all -- or whether they were completely unaware of the word's use in far right circles?

And yeah, I know, Astro Boy is a sixty-year-old manga so I'm not implying some sort of subliminal racist mind fuckery or evil intentions.  I just think it's amusing.

It's pretty out of date now, but I'd had this image on my hard drive for years and just stumbled across a reference I'd made to ZOG in a comment on Gid's Gog and Magog post, so here ya go.  For something meatier, I'll have the following up within a week or so:

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