Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stray Photos

Every once and a while a story comes along which we'd like to comment upon but for various reasons don't. The following slideshow contains two kinds of photos. Those that were sought out to accompany an aborted story and those that were simply so curious they had to be snagged. By following the link above you can see the shots with captions explaining the context.


  1. Randomly browsing that Harper's link led to this bit of info:

    Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was planning to start a vulture real estate fund, backed by labor unions, to profit off foreclosures resulting from the national credit crisis; the manager of the prostitution ring Spitzer patronized, Mark Brener, pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges; and the prostitute who serviced Spitzer, Alexandra Ashley Dupré, photographed enjoying a day at the beach with her mother, was observed to have a tattoo in Latin on her upper pelvis that reads “tutela valui”—or, loosely translated, “I used protection.”

  2. (Which is relevant because Dupré looking quite fine is featured in the "Stray Photos" slideshow. Shoulda mentioned that!) ;)


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