Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Left Foot

VANCOUVER — Yet another human foot has washed ashore in British Columbia waters – the fifth such gruesome discovery in the past year. A few weeks ago, LoS reported on four shod feet--all *right* feet--that washed up on British Columbian shores. (The National Post has a map of the found feet.)

This left foot removes some whimsy from the mystery.

Unless, of course, this left foot is not a match to any of the four right feet.

Stay tuned...


  1. "According to the RCMP, there were 2,371 missing people in B.C. as of the end of May. At least two more from B.C.'s Lower Mainland were declared missing earlier this month." -- National Post

    That's 4,742 feet!

    Of course, there is the extra worrisome trend of missing young men, reminiscent of the work of the Smiley Face Killers.

  2. Sixth severed foot surfaces off Canadian coast



    Me, I doubt the plane crash theory. Why is it only feet?

  3. OMG! Another right foot!!!

    And it, like all the others, was clad in an athletic shoe!

    Variables in favor of the plane crash theory:

    * 5 people were on the plane and 5 right feet have surfaced

    * It's a remote area. Where else would the feet come from?

    * I have heard (though failed to validate) that feet tend to rise first among body parts.

    Variable(s) against the plane crash theory:

    * We know some (all?) of the shoe make and models that have washed up. Surely we would have heard if these were the shoes worn by the plane crash victims?

    Two other theories:

    * Check out my previous comment: the athletic shoes suggest young men drowned--hence, perhaps, victims of the Smiley Face Killer(s)?

    * BC is a pot-growin' wonderland, and there are supposedly some islands in the feet-frenzied strait that are entirely controlled by dope dealers, the government having given up on even stepping foot ashore ... so what would happen to the innocent bumbling nature explorer?

    I'm stumped!

  4. "Some have wondered whether the feet could belong to five men who were in a plane that crashed three years ago in the waterway where the feet were found.

    Some of those men's relatives were at the Campbell River site on Wednesday.

    "It's a constant reminder every time, from the time the first foot washed up," said Kirsten Stevens, whose husband, Dave, died in the crash. Although her husband's body was located, Stevens said, the other men's relatives never recovered their loved ones' remains."

    Five men were in the plane. One body, presumably with feet attached, was found. Yet five right feet have surfaced. This alone makes the plane theory alone not viable.

    "When asked about the suspicion of foul play, Linteau noted that the first four feet contained no tool marks and were therefore deemed not to have been severed."

    Can we infer from this that the last two feet may have been cut off?

    A witness to the floating foot:

    "....said the foot appeared to have been deliberately severed, as the bones "had been cut clean across.""

    Taking all eyewitness accounts with a grain of salt, it still is worth considering until she's proven wrong.

    You forgot another variable against the plane theory: DNA testing hasn't matched any of the feet to the men in the plane.

    Tentative proposal: could the original feet have been from the men in the plane? Those first feet appeared not to have been severed. The two most recent feet may have been.

    Is there a copycat capitalizing on the original appearances?

    Something strange is a-foot, and I'm not toeing any lines until more info is made public to bring all the idle rumors to heel!


  5. article

    Okay, apparently the sixth foot was a hoax and doesn't invalidate the plane theory after all.

    Still doesn't mean there isn't some arch-criminal out there having a ball!


    But seriously, Gid, what's yr gut telling you on this?

    Somehow the plane crash theory is both boringly probable and yet unlikely at the same time....if that makes sense.

  6. This article, written after the 5th foot, is pretty good. Casts doubt on the plane theory and ends ominously with the the disappearance of young men in running shoes you mentioned....

  7. I think that a morbid mortician is planting severed, shod feet on the beach and masturbating to news of their discovery.

    But I am open to the plane theory, the smiley face killer theory, the drug island theory...

  8. Two of five feet found at shore are from same man, DNA shows


  9. Following a link in the article you just posted, Duarde, I came across the
    Royal Mounted Police's page on the mystery
    , which includes a photo of the shoes and a map of where they were found.

  10. Media Relations Officer Annie Linteau is working overtime these days....


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