Wednesday, February 15, 2017

C'mon Get Happy

Back in December I put up a few links to stories about and pages made by The Partridge Family Temple.  I didn't comment because to be honest, the group befuddles me entirely.  But I think I love them.

Dangerous Minds has now put up an article and asks a very sensible question:

But it’s really just a bunch of quasi-evil 90s vintage hipsters fucking with you. Clearly, it’s satire, but what’s the joke? That religion and TV are the same thing? It’s a lot easier to just say that. You don’t need to invest 20 years into a fake cult for that.
First of all, I'm not entirely sure it's satire or "fake."  I don't know what it is though, hence my initial reluctance to comment.

One day, Martha, I'll share the story about how a "fake" fraternity I co-founded circa 1990 ended up on the FBI's radar in connection with the so-called "Gainesville Murders".  Relax, they caught the guy and executed him in 2006.

But it just goes to show that a befuddling joke with a hard edge can make people think and say all sorts of things.  Sometimes when people are puzzled, they get hostile, especially when people think you're laughing at them.

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