Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stray Photos

Every once and a while a story comes along which we'd like to comment upon but for various reasons don't. The following slideshow contains two kinds of photos. Those that were sought out to accompany an aborted story and those that were simply so curious they had to be snagged. By following the link above you can see the shots with captions explaining the context.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Left Foot

VANCOUVER — Yet another human foot has washed ashore in British Columbia waters – the fifth such gruesome discovery in the past year. A few weeks ago, LoS reported on four shod feet--all *right* feet--that washed up on British Columbian shores. (The National Post has a map of the found feet.)

This left foot removes some whimsy from the mystery.

Unless, of course, this left foot is not a match to any of the four right feet.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

" outrage of notable proportions which bespeaks unutterable squalor..."

Cesena, Italy. Around 7am.

After being alerted by a parishioner who heard "rustling and groaning" from inside a confessional booth, authorities checked it out and found a pair of "goths" having oral sex. During Mass.

Quote of the day: “One of them was kneeling but neither was praying.”

Apparently a Mass of Reparation was or will be held to "purify" the cathedral, because sex is so, you know, filthy.

LoS thinks these young libertines should be either stoned, racked or drawn and quartered immediately. Not for licking pee-pees in a Cathedral, but for being goths. This blasphemous contretemps simply demonstrates why God Hates Goths.