Saturday, October 3, 2020

The cold is rising

I've long been a fan of poet Alfred Starr Hamilton, and years back had a web page or two dedicated to him. Those pages have since been transferred to this here blog. So, it is with some surprise I see on the tubes a Band Camp page for the Bye Bye Blackbirds with a song called....Alfred Starr Hamilton. Why? I dunno. Not sure how the lyrics jibe with the man, but hell, why not link to it here for the sake of completism. 

 Alfred Starr Hamilton by Bye Bye Blackbirds. 

Time's a rag doll
With something bright and cold in its chest
Words can strip bark and seep between the buttons of your vest
The cold is rising
Is someone here to tell me it's fine?
So fine
Smoking by the window
Freezing in the winter

All right, I'll be listening, I'll be listening, baby
All right, right now

You know I love you
Unravelling and troubling the signs
With words that stand still and brighten in the corners of your eyes
So come inside, dear
Where everyone will tell us it's fine
So fine
Smoking by the window
Freezing in the winter

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Open Source Band Names List for as yet unnamed or non-existent bands IV

Just because I have nothing else to post.  These days I just cain't write for shit, because a broken soul cain't hold a pen....

Cats in Heat   
Dr, Medusa   
Death by Divorce   
The A's Teem   
Ostrich Politics   
The Drizzlies   
Little Ugly Annie   
Antibodies Home?   
Negative Slack Value   
Grudge Sale   
Spanish Moose   
The Working Dead   
Yiddish Porn   
Dark Mutter   
Monster Mush   
Mash-up Potatoes   
Edgar Alien Poe   
Edgar Allen Pooh   
Headgear Allen Poe   
Edgar Allen Po-boy   
The Southern Crass   
North Store   
K-Marts on Venus   
Martian Gigolo   
KISS (and Make-up)   
Elect Tron   
Elf on a Shell   
Mask of Sodomy   
Seldom and Gomorrah   
Pillar of Sodium   
Saccharine Musk   
The Gelded Cage   
The Golden Rage of Rock   
Golden Shower Curtain   
Aluminum Maiden   
Iron Made in China   
Pork, You Pine!   
Rick is Grimy   
Glenn's Dead   
Do you want to live?   
Wanton Wonton   
Boyd Semolina   
The Church of Satin   
Hail Satin!   
Offhand Remarky and the Fun Key Brunch   
Wolves, Low-end   
Mike Roe Dot   
Wolves to Men   
Welcome to Wooziness   
Groove is in the Fart   
I like Rabbits   
Nina Häagen Dazs