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Active writer since 1988. Hundreds of unpublished poems, four novellas. One staged play, a few dozen published newspaper articles. Over 200 blog posts, several of which have been cited in books and articles. I have also published a few semi-scholarly articles.

The Ice Mine, a novella, was published by Whiskey Tit (NYC) in May, 2018.

Poetry - print appearances

February 1999 velo-City: vol. 1 no. 5. February 1999. Pantalones Largos p.46-47
March 2000 POIRE: vo1. 1 no. 1. Poems from Accident, or Incident? cover & inside back cover
May 2000 Outside In: vol. 1 no. 4. "Blue at the Mizzen" p.9

Poetry – online appearances

1996 Weekly Alibi: Exit Ramadan (also in print)

1998 Matrix: untitled; with Tony DaSilva as “Anne Ominous”

1999 Zuzax: alburquerque [sic]

         Poetry Super Highway: The Shell; Wed

2000 Moongate de Homo Sentiens: untitled

2001 Comrades: Location of my Poetic Inspiration

January 1997 – July 1999

Basement Films is an independent, roving venue for underground and experimental film. In addition to providing technical support and publicity for dozens of visiting and local filmmakers, we have undertaken performances incorporating multiple projection, film loops, and musi



May Wave/Particle Factory, Phillip Bareis Gallery, Taos, w/Angel Food

Cafe Society, R.B. Winnings Coffeehouse, Albuquerque

Signal Decay Sound System, Tulane Exchange, Albuquerque

Cinesthasia, Santa Fe (w/ D.J.s)

Fatass Festival, w/Apricot Jam & The Withdrawals, El Rey Theatre, Albuquerque 

Home Media, Lucy Gallery, Albuquerque

Spooky & Screwball &...., R.B. Winnings Coffeehouse, Albuquerque


April Cinemeltdown, Old Martinez Hall, Ranchos de Taos w/WE and JoEL


April Cinematrix, Old Martinez Hall, Ranchos de Taos w/Wetgate and Animal

February-April 1998 The Birthmark, Gas Station Theater, Jemez Springs, NM
I wrote, directed and acted in this adaptation of the story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Other roles included set design, lighting design and casting.

December 1998 The Fruitcake, Gas Station Theater

I co-wrote, acted in and constructed props for this segment of the theater’s annual Christmas follies.
September-October 1999 Three One-Act Plays, Firehouse Theater, Ithaca, NY
I ran the light board and directed the sound for this show.
1992 Dilemmas at Anyone’s Bar: Guy at bar; by Pete Carver, Stover Theater, Deland, Fl
1993 The Frogs, by Aristophanes, Stover Theater, Deland, Fl

2014 Rosa Parks by Marisa Mirenda/Zorro et Compagnie, Toulouse

October 1997 Mom Jokes '62-'67, Harbor Club, Tampa. Collages/poetry.  3-man show:  Tim Wilson Giancarlo Rendina, Steven Adkins

ARTIFAX, Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque, NM. Fax art/collage.  Unjuried group show
April 1999 Reptile Rapture, Laughing Lizard Cafe, Jemez Springs, NM. Paintings/collages.  Group show
March 2013 Milk Coma Syndicate, Pavillons Sauvages, Toulouse.  2-man show:  Metapinto and 
France. Assemblages/collages. I co-organized the vernissage which included a band,  
Sektarism, and film projections. The event attracted over 200 people.

January 2014 Cent Centimètres Carrés II, Galerie du Philosophe, Carla-Bayle, France. 
Assemblages.  Juried group show

April 2016 More Milk, Café Le Burgaud, Le Burgaud, France. Assemblages/collages. I co-
organized the vernissage which included a band, Witchthroat Serpent, a dance 
performance, and dinner. The event attracted over 150 people.  2-man show:  Metapinto and Madkins

September 2017 N’importe quoi, Café Le Burgaud, Le Burgaud, France. 
Assemblages/collages plus DJ set w/electronic improv noise.  2-man show:  Metapinto and Madkins
Upcoming  Le 3ème Verre will feature, cut-ups, concret and visul poetry, mail art, found footage film,  
and sample-based music.... 


1997 Poster for Basement Films screening of short films by Tessa Hughes-Freeland

1997 Program for Basement Films film showcase of local filmmakers

2015 Program for La Belle Oiseau, performance by Jean-Pierre Martres

1995 Reveries of a Bachelor, 16mm, BW, 6 min
Perception as an Organizing Process, 16mm ff (color, BW), 3 min.

2005 The Ostrich, digital video, BW, 1:23 min.

Misc. digital shorts (2003-2018):

Benevolent & Full of Love, Bonjour Résistants, Noon Blue Apples ’15, One Day, S O U V E N I R S, Dream, CLASSIFIED, Early Ostrich Medium (available on my YouTube channel)
1995 Water : Pillow, Timothy Wilson, 1995
House Arrest, Michael Baldwin, 1995

Manifesto, Timothy Wilson, 1996

Dylan Dog, Marko Sopic, 2002 (unfinished)

Ouai, Marko Sopic, 2002 (unfinished)

2003 Mobiclic (CD-ROM) Milan Press, 2003: Voice actor for a dozen cartoon characters

Apocalypse France, Paul-Éric Blanrue and Julien Teil

2003 L’Opera des Figues

2003-2004 Scenario, marionette/scene construction and performance. Atelier based at Mixart-Myris, 33 rue du Metz, Toulouse.  With Ximena and Alfonsina Faya.

1994-2010 Stimso Portal, Personal website (1994 – 2010)

Plastic Tub, (Wiki); Sysop and regular contributor (2004 – Present)

2007-Present Laws of Silence, blog (2007 – Present); some of my articles have led to mentions and citations in other works.


2000 TM27: 13-track CD of experimental electronica using Fruity Loops, Acid Pro & Sound Forge to create and process loops, samples, new sounds & field recordings.


May 2001 Chemically-Altered Vegetables, ABC Café, Ithaca, NY w/ Andy Stoma. As 
Special Agent Adkins. 
July 2001 Young Peoples’ Death Camp, the See Spot, Ithaca, NY. w/ Mutant Industries, 
Buddha Spaceship & Visual Alchemy. As Special Agent Adkins.

2001 No Idea. Live public access TV show. Video and music on 2 episodes. As TM27.

2003 Campus Radio FM, Toulouse France. Music and poetry.

Sept. 2017 Café Le Burgaud, Le Burgaud France. DJ set and electronic improv noise. As 

Sonny Vincent. June-July 2015:

Driver, roady, mercher and tour manager during a 15-date tour of Central Europe:  Germany, Slovakia, 
Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland.

Pepa’s Blood. Est. 2015. Keyboards, Mono Korg and Sampler.

Ruhrpott Rodeo 2016; 2018. Driver for Michael Monroe, Turbonegro, Talco, UK Subs, Suicidal Tendencies, Jello Biafra, Toy Dolls, Cockney Rejects, Richie Ramone, Pennywise, Bad Manners, Discharge, GBH


England (1+ year), Italy (3 years), Israel (2 weeks), Jordan (5 days), Egypt (3 days),
Netherlands (1 week), Mexico (1+ year), Guatemala (3+ months), Belize (5 days), France 
(18 years), Switzerland (3 days), Canada (3 days), Spain (3+ months), Portugal (3 weeks),
Greece (10 days), Andorra (several hiking expeditions), Argentina (20 days), Uruguay (4
days), Brazil (10 days), Morocco (7 days), Germany (36 days), Slovenia (1 day), Czech
Republic (1 day), Austria (2 days), Belgium (4 days), Luxembourg (2 days), Ireland (3 days)


Français – fluent

Castellano – OK but with bad grammar!

Italiano – very basic notions

I also have some very basic reading ability in Portuguese and Occitan.


I have been a professional translator since 2009. Most of this has been business-related, but since 2011 I have also been translating interviews and manifestos for musical groups affiliated with the Apostles of Ignominy: Sektarism, Mahlkebre, Malekhamoves. I have also helped edit/re-write lyrics for Witchthroat Serpent.
Order of the Arrow (Wikipedia article): Cited in References

The Arcadian Mystique: The Best of Dagobert's Revenge Magazine (2005): Acknowledgements

Scouting & Freemasonry: Two Parallel Organisations? (2012): Cited in Bibliography

Witchthroat Serpent (2014): Thanks

Witchthroat Serpent Sang Dragon (2016): Thanks

Gaha: Babes of the Abyss: Thanks

The Man Who Can’t Die: Thanks

Freemasonry and the Art of Moral Navigation, P. D. Newman: Cited in References

Founder, Alpha Las Vegas
Project Manager, Accidental Associationalist Research Group

3° Hobasco Lodge No. 716, Grand Lodge F&AM of the State of New York

York Rite. Companion, Hiram Chapter No. 62, RAM

Scottish Rite. 32°, Valley of Binghamton, AASR

1° Legionnaire, Ordo Lapsit Exillis

Clergy, Universal Life Church

Member No. 856, The Satanic Temple

Brotherhood Member, Seminole Lodge No. 85, Order of the Arrow

Sons of the American Legion


Stetson University. B.A. Double Major, History and Humanities (w/concentrations in Art History, Literature, Religious Studies). 1988-1992. Senior Thesis: African American Religious Experience: NRM's and Black Nationalism. I was on the Dean's List once and was and selected Outstanding Senior in Humanities. I was elected to Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society.

Winter term academic voyage to Italy. Renaissance Art, Poetry, Philosophy. 1990.

Winter term academic voyage to Israel. History of the New Testament. 1991.

University of Georgia. Cortona Summer Program. Courses: Italian, Sculpture, History of Renaissance Art. 1991.

University of South Florida. Courses: 2D composition, 3D composition, Intro to 16mm film-making, History of Avant-Garde Film. 1993-1994.

Masters level: Courses: Greek Rhetoric, History of Romanticism, Literature: Proust's In Search of Lost Time. 1992.

Cornell University. Courses: Native American History. History of Mystery Religions. 2000.
Misc. Seminars

2-day screenwriting seminar w/ John Cleese and William Golding, Cornell University, 2000.

3-day Seminar in Mayan Hieroglyphics, MOSI, Tampa, 1992.

1-day Seminar in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Musée Paul Dupuy, Toulouse, 2015.

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