Monday, July 22, 2019

Birthmark, Redux

I previously posted about a play I adapted from Hawthorne's The Birthmark way back in 1998 (I think) and shared some photos.  

During the story, the "mad scientist" Aylmer photographs his wife Georgina, so our actor actually took a photo during the performance (his idea).   I was the director, and all my decisions were final, but it was fairly democratic and each performer made great contributions in terms of props and stage design -- including spinning hypnotic discs and a plant marionette that could "die" and be "resurrected".  We usually had informal votes on what to implement, though I may have overridden one or two things.  We weren't exactly a pure democracy, more like a democracy where one person could veto the majority.  So not a democracy at all!

I think we did seven performances in total.  

The first three images below were certainly shot during the performance.  Not sure about the second two -- we may have changed the moment he took the photo.  The last two were shot from the audience.

I include the repetitions because you can see that the actor taking the picture (Kevin) is in a slightly different position, but our actor playing Georgina (Korlee) is remarkably consistent with her expression.  

BTW, Kevin and Korlee remain together until this day and have a lovely son!  Oh, and I just heard from Carl after 20+ years!  Carl played Aminadab and made the aforementioned discs and flower....

Anyway, just thought I'd pop these online because I can be a compulsive completist!