Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas, Mein Führer

Now here's a group of guys dreaming of a white Christmas.

We cannot accept that a German Christmas tree has anything to do with a crib in a manger in Bethlehem. It is inconceivable for us that Christmas and all its deep soulful content is the product of an oriental religion.

So said Nazi propagandist Friedrich Rehm, 1937. 

Hate to say it, but he's right.  Take the Christ out of Christmas?  Yes, put the sun back in there.  The days are growing longer.  Solmas?  Heliosmas?  Jesus ain't the reason for the season in my house, despite the manger under the tree.  It's about the solstice, the return to life we anticipate in a few months, the great food, the fellowship, the comfort in the cold, wet, dark winter.  A few lights in the window to make gay an otherwise dreary time of year.

But I don't want to wax too poetic when I find myself agreeing with Nazi propagandists!

Here's a Time photo essay at a Nazi Christmas dinner.  Photos from 1941, Munich.

A Curious juxtaposition....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The devil you say

At the risk of being dreadfully inappropriate, I draw your attention to the following video from CNN.  This article about the memorial to Vicki Soto includes a photomontage with the following image, about 55 seconds in.

Soto was a teacher killed in the Newtown shooting and is widely being hailed as a hero after locking her students in a bathroom and standing guard outside the door.

Another version from ABC News prudently crops the photo so the offending hand doesn't appear, whether by chance or design, who can say? (about 52 seconds in).

I don't know who first saw this, or created the photo still, but I saw it on my Facebook newsfeed.

A strange photobomb indeed.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

An unhappy list

The following list of US mass shootings comes from a post entitled The massacre of the children of America by Michael Hoffman.  I have to add that I don't agree with this editorial post, in which Hoffman condemns things such as usury, abortion and homosexual marriage and which one must presume are believed by Hoffman to be part of the cause of this massacre.  That said, it's a concise list of the "major" mass shootings in America since 1966; there is a stark power in seeing it laid out so dry:  date, place, number of casualties.  The tempo definitely seems to be increasing....

I'd like to see some data on mass-shootings prior to 1966.

Timeline of U.S. Massacres
Compiled by Michael Hoffman 

Compiler's note: All of the deaths listed are homicides, except in the case of a casualty statistic compiled by the media that groups a perpetrator who allegedly committed suicide, with the victims. Almost all of the deaths are by gunfire. I do not claim that this list is exhaustive. In almost all cases I have only listed as a "massacre" multiple deaths that occurred within a 24 hour period.

1966: Fifteen people are shot to death on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

1966: In Chicago, Illinois, nine nurses are massacred.

1982: Eight workers are shot by a co-worker at a Florida machine shop.

1984: Twenty-one patrons of a McDonald's restaurant are killed in California.

1986: Fourteen postal employees are killed by a co-worker in Oklahoma.

1990: Nine people are killed at a GMAC loan office in Florida by a co-worker.

1991: In Michigan five people are killed.

1991: 23 people are killed in Luby's Cafeteria in Texas.

1993: 8 people killed in the San Francisco, California financial district.

1993: Six people killed on a Long Island, New York commuter train.

1997: Three students killed by a fellow student at a high school in Kentucky

1998: Five people killed (four girls and a teacher) at an Arkansas Middle School (the killers were two children, age 13 and 10).

1999: Coumbine High School, Colorado: 13 people killed by two students.

1999: Nine people killed in the financial district in Atlanta, Georgia

1999: Seven people killed at a church in Texas.

2000: Seven people killed Dec. 26 at an Internet company in Massachusetts.

2001: 2 students killed and 13 wounded by fellow student in California

2003: Five killed at a Mississippi aircraft plant by a co-worker.

2005: Five students and two others killed by another student in Minnesota.

2006: Five Amish children killed at their Pennsylvania school by a truck driver.

2007: Five killed at a shopping mall in Utah. An off-duty policeman exchanges gunfire with the perpetrator, preventing more killings.

2007: 32 students killed at Virginia Tech by a fellow student.

2007: Dec. 5 - eight people killed at a Nebraska shopping mall.

2008: Five people killed at Northern Illinois University.

2009: Ten people killed in Alabama.

2009: Thirteen people killed in a Binghamton, New York immigration center.

2010: In Manchester, Connecticut a co-worker kills eight people.

2011: Six people killed in Tucson, Arizona; among the eleven who are wounded, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is shot in the head but survives.

2011: Eight people killed at a beauty salon in California.

2012: A former student kills seven students at Oikos University in California.

2012: 12 people killed at a "Batman" movie in Aurora, Colorado.

2012: Six people killed at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.

2012: Five people killed in Minnesota by a co-worker.

2012: Three people killed at a beauty salon in Wisconsin.

2012: Dec. 11 - two people killed at an Oregon shopping mall.

2012: Dec. 14 - 27 people killed at a Connecticut grammar school, including twenty children.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


In my post about the Clackamas Town Center shooting, I wrote:

A lot more could be constructed on the topic; I could easily search for more coincidences and construct some weird Fortean scenario. I seem to see the number 20 appearing a lot in this story.

Today, I open the NYT and am greeted by this headline: GUNMAN KILLS 20 SCHOOLCHILDREN.

This was at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  Killer Adam Lanza was 20 years old.  Like in the shooters in Aurora and Clackamas, the shooter wore black military gear and a mask.

When I first saw this story breaking last night, I immediately recalled something Loren Coleman said on his blog a few days ago, or wondered rather; namely, what will happen over the next two or three days?

Sadly, he got his answer.

Coleman has an ongoing series of articles about what he terms Red Dawn scenarios. Newton is no exception and he does uncover some rather eyebrow-lifting coincidences; the Cosmic Joker is apparently one cruel fu*ker. (Here)

I don't know why the number 20 jumped out at me when I read the first two or three Clackamas articles. I didn't decide to note it until I came across the number in an article about the Biblical Jacob and even then, when I went back to the first articles, the number really wasn't so prominent. Why it jumped out at me, I don't know. But it's eerie to have noted it one day and then see it in a prominent headline the next, in a similar context.

But I can't bring myself to play the game any more today.

The Gid and I offer our condolences and sympathy for the victims, their friends and families.  As parents, we can only imagine the shock and grief of this senseless mass murder.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Clackamas

Yesterday a young man killed two people before turning the gun on himself in an Oregon mall.  He was 22 and his name was Jacob Tyler Roberts.  (article)

What is Loren Coleman going to say about this one....

Two things that strike me.  It took place in Clackamas, a name which sounds like some parody of the word Christmas.  Articles on the shooting never fail to mention Christmas shopping, naturally, and of course, mall Santas.

Second is that the shooter's name is Jacob, which in Arabic is يَعْقُوب, or Yaʿqūb, sometimes said to mean...."leg-puller"!  What actually struck me first is that his middle name, Tyler, is also the title of the guardian of a Masonic Lodge.

I call it coincidence.  Others will go to town and call it "synchromysticism."  I've gone into this topic quite a bit in the past, so I won't repeat myself here.  Needless to say, one doesn't need a Masonic "link" to call it part of a conspiracy.  But it helps get the ball rolling.

Curiously, Tyler has appeared on LoS before.  John Tyler was mentioned by the Gid back in January and in 2009 we wrote about Tyler Hayes Weinman, falsely-accused of being a serial cat killer.

Clackamas is named after a local Indian tribe.  On another LoS-related note, a fallen stone called the Willamette Meteorite

was apparently venerated by the Clackamas tribe inhabiting the area where it was found. The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon, a confederation of Native American tribes, used the meteorite, which they call Tomanowos, in ceremonies.... 

Tomanowos, or the Sky Person, is believed to be a messenger from the sky god.  It is also considered to be a union of heaven, earth and the waters.  While some might tempted to scoff at this as a kind of dumb animism, please take a look at Journey to the Center of the Earth, where we take a look at the idea of the stone as axis mundi, or "world navel" (omphalos) which has an important place not only in Greek and Roman mythology, but in Islam (al-Hajar-ul-Aswad), Judaism (the Foundation Stone) and Christianity (St. Peter).  Of course, a messenger from God is just another way to describe a prophet or patriarch, like Jacob.  The stones we mention here are believed to be the center of the world.  The shooting was at Clackamas Town Center....

I seem to be in the process of becoming a nexus myself--Toulouse has a Grande Ronde (looking all the world in satellite photos like an enormous circumpunct, symbol of the Illuminati and an emphasis on the center).

The Clackamas tribe also operates an enormous casino called Spirit Mountain....

A lot more could be constructed on the topic; I could easily search for more coincidences and construct some weird Fortean scenario.  I seem to see the number 20 appearing a lot in this story.  The of course there's Jacob's Ladder, a 1990 film about Vietnam Vets flipping out years after having been the unknowing guinea pigs in mind control experiments involving powerful psychedelics administered by the US government....

Even weirder, though, really, is that the US continues to experience so many shootings of this nature.

Coleman will be interesting to follow on this one as an exercise in controlled paranoia.  There are apparently some similarities to the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, such as the looming presence of a Century cinema, the black military vest and mask worn by the shooter, his eerily calm demeanor, a nearby military base.  This latter, Camp Withycombe, was originally known as Clackamas Rifle Range.  The mask is being described as a hockey mask, white like Jason's in Friday the 13th.  As in the case of James Eagan Holmes, said to be imitating the Joker from the Dark Knight film, this fact may be used as grist for the mind-control-via-cinema game.

I wouldn't be surprised if Roberts had been seeing a psychiatrist, or that he had some scientific or military connection.  I wonder too if he's wearing a keffiyeh (black and white for Palestine) in that photo above, and what, if anything will be made of that.  I also wonder what people will say about his ethnicity, whose features have a distinct Asian [or native American?] appearance.  I wonder if his father will turn out to be a soldier?  What will be made of his announcement:  "I am the shooter" ?  The shooter.  As if he were turning up to say he was the pool guy.

We'll let more motivated people get busy on this story.  These are just some random observations.  If everything is connected, that's natural.  We have after all, on some level chosen what to perceive and then associate.  One more footnote in my ongoing theses that perception is by it's very nature an organizing process, of simultaneous removal and addition.  After all is constructed and written, nothing can seem random.  We are tessellating, or tiling nature.

Leave a good-looking corpse

Looks like Ke$ha, or at least the director of the video for "Die Young", has taken the bull by the horns and placed a whammy on the "pop-occulture", "Illuminati-in-pop-music" crowd by making a video so over the top it borders on parody. Yet it will still guarantee to offend.  In one scene she and her dancers burst into a what appears to me to be a church and start smashing things up, standing on the dais in front of a pentacle, engaging in sexual debauchery etc.  Triangles fade in, a flashing inverted cross appears as it fades out; Ke$ha herself flashes a ring with an eye in it.  She looks through her fingers splayed in a "V", making an eye in a triangle.  A skull and bones flashes in and out.  Etc.  **Video at the tend of this post**

Actually, this Illuminati-in-the-music business is an old (and obvious) meme and it's obvious why the media would be an obvious player in any well-constructed conspiracy theory.  Especially one involving indoctrinating the masses.  I've long read such theories regarding the music industry, media in general, really.  One actually good but disingenuous writer I refuse to link to is obsessed with the Illuminati symbolism in Lady Gaga videos.  Another (not so good a writer) sees the all-seeing eye in improbable hand configurations, including looking through the "ok" sign.  Hate to learn what he thinks of "got yer nose".  Hip-Hop is suspect (maybe for all the gesticulation) especially Jay-Z and Kanye West.  This other guy seems to have a lot of answers:

The general opinion regarding musicians and their “induction” into the Illuminati is tragically incorrect. These artists themselves aren’t actually IN the Illuminati, they are merely pawns FOR them. The deal is that they sign over particular creative rights in exchange for the publicity and access required to become a sensational star. They sign up with the Illuminati to become famous quickly, because Illuminati members have infiltrated and remain a ubiquitous force in the entertainment industry.

The author seems to think this is all a by-product of Saturn worship.  In his explanation he also manages to implicate the north and south poles, as well as the cube, in this infiltration of Saturn-worshipping Illuminists into all the higher echelons of society.  It reads as though he's grabbed a few half-digested internet conspiracy memes and sort of (barely) lashed them together in a tour de force of syllogism and unsupported statement.  Which is sadly effective, judging from the sheer number of similar websites. 

Personally, I think this video is taking a poke at these theories, all the while going for the easy and obvious provocation.  The dollar sign in Ke$ha's name seems especially apt in this context.  People are still going to take the bait, though.  It's very blatancy will be taken as an even more arrogant ratcheting up of that nebulous "revelation of the method."  She's certainly made the symbology crowd of Illuminati-watchers' work easy for 'em.  Just take the Saturn-worship guy, whose blog, erm, "Illuminati Watcher" makes that very point.    Ke$ha's going to town with the Illuminati thing; the photo stills from a performance of the song on Australia's X Factor are pretty eye-popping:  Weishaupt at Las Vegas.  More like backdrops to a Muppet Show number than ritual props in an alchymical mind-fuck.

She may even take Lady Gaga's place as Illuminati Marionette N° 1 at this rate.

Anyway, echoing Beyoncé's police state chic, this video of Ke$ha and her band of dancing Illuminists, who adore Ke$ha as if she were a saint, are all gunned down in the end by the police.  Shades of Waco.  As all those Davidians might have figgered out between the time the real police machinery launched a gas canister at their home and the fiery death that canister would lead to, we all "die young."

So here's the video.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Authentic Exposition of the "K.G.C.". "Knights of the Golden Circle."

Fascinating history of the KGC and the historical context, it is after all subtitled "A History of Secession from 1834 to 1861."  It was written by a member of the order and published in 1861.  The rituals and degree structure described in this book clearly indicate the influence of Freemasonry; whether it was founded by men who happened to be Masons is unclear, as Freemasonry is not mentioned in the text. An Authentic Exposition of the "K.G.C.". "Knights of the Golden Circle."

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First, or military degree of the Knights of the Golden Circle.

First degree of the Knights of the Golden Circle. The KGC was a Texas-based secret society.  Their objective was to create a confederation of slave-holding states in parts of Mexico and the West Indies, extending slavery; the group's plan thus mirrored the objectives of secession, a cause they actively supported during the Civil War.  Legend has it that they hid the fabled confederate gold allegedly sent off for safe keeping as the waning days of the war. Others have linked them to the KKK.  I'll follow this soon with a length exposition of the group.

Date: 1861K.G.C. First, or military degree.  


See the comments after Power, Corruption and Lies for some previous and brief discussion of Pike, Masonry, the KKK and the KGC.