Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Google Earth reveals secret Nazi-UFO landing pad


SWASTIKA?: The buildings, constructed in the 1960s, are on the Coronado amphibious base and serve as a barracks for Seabees. From the ground, or even adjoining buildings, the configuration cannot be seen. Nor are there any civilian or military landing patterns that provide such a view. But Google Earth shows the shape clearly. 

So reads a Chicago Tribune story about the US Navy's new $600,000 project to assuage those afflicted by an aerial view no one would have been able to see if not for the world-at-your-fingertips phenomenon called Google Earth. Funny thing is how old this story is. Conspiracy websites have been yammering about this image for years and no one gave a shit. Now Google comes along with its Nazi-busting super-technology and the Navy is going to turn the swastika into something less offensive, perhaps maybe a nice big fasces like you can find on the walls of Congress, the Supreme Court building, old dimes....One can only hope that Google will foot the bill, you know, cuz 600,000 beans would go a long way towards paying off those outstanding Blackwater invoices....


Of course, we would be remiss not to include a link to this article, which suggests architect John Mock was a Nazi sympathizer....

These giant swastikas can go relatively unnoticed for decades after their creation. In 1992 a swastika made of trees was discovered in a forest near the village of Zernikow, 60 miles north of Berlin. No pussy landscape architecture here. Them Nazis commandeered a healthy chunk of pine forest to show the sky just what the fuck was what.


Apparently it was planted in the thirties and not discovered until almost sixty years had passed by a guy looking through some aerial photographs. Nothing like a bit of altitude to get a better perspective on things.

The Zernikow swastika was destroyed by chainsaws, ostensibly to prevent the site from becoming a neo-Nazi pilgrimage but just as likely to make up for a collaborationist sense of shame. The San Diego swastika will reverse that method: elaborate plantings, among other camouflage, will hide the offending fylflot. No word yet as to which pilgrims will thus be discouraged from making the reverent hajj to Coronado.


“We told the Navy this was an incredibly inappropriate shape for a structure on a military installation,” said Morris S. Casuto, regional director of the [Anti-Defamation League]. He added, however, that his group “never ascribed evil intent to the structures’ design."

A much different attitude from critics of the Pentagon.... 

How much will the DOD spend to change that offensive bit of geometry?

And Francisco Coronado's successor Don Juan Oñate hacked off the left foot of every adult male in Acoma Pueblo as retaliation for a battle that left his nephew dead. These men and everyone else in the Pueblo were put into slavery.

Be warned, ye good men! There are certainly many other as-yet-undiscovered offensive shapes lurking out there in Google's wide, woolly Earth....

Be careful of those names, too. You might just end up in Matamoros, or as we say in English: The War on Terror.


  1. This Don Oñate seems an almost Biblical-level plague. From Wikipedia: "In 1606, Oñate was recalled to Mexico City for a hearing into his conduct. After finishing plans for the founding of the town of Santa Fé, he resigned his post and was tried and convicted of cruelty to both Indians and colonists. He was banished from the 'kingdom' of New Mexico but on appeal was cleared of all charges. Eventually Oñate went to Spain, where the king appointed him head of mining inspectors for all of Spain. He died in Spain in 1626. He is sometimes referred to as 'the Last Conquistador.'"

    Hmm, they took a guy who hacked the limbs off people and put him in charge of mine inspections. Somehow that makes sense.

    On a side note, it'd be interesting to hear a more detailed history of the forest image: who planted it, who chopped it down, what became of the trees, were the stumps removed, were trees planted to cover the empty spot where the offensive trees were removed...

  2. Gid, Wikipedia comes to the rescue with a brief article with good external links. The CNN article is a bit better, but the BBC includes a photo of a lumberjack in action.

    While you're there, check out the IHT link about another forst swastika of unknown provenance found in Kyrgyzstan.

    Haven't been able to track down a photo of that one yet....

  3. More vegetal swastikas, crop-circle style here and here.

    Pics are available....

  4. The star inside the pentagon is most definitely a masonic pentagram.

  5. I assume you are referring to the Order of the Eastern Star? Outside of this usage, Freemasonry doesn't use the pentagram as a symbol.

    Bear in mind that in our image the star in the pentagon was drawn there to illustrate that one can imagine a pentagram within a pentagon just as in a pentagram there is a pentagon, etc. ad infinitum....

  6. The five sided building was designed for five branches of the armed services, to maximize the use of resources and space in a huge structure.
    Why does some conspiracy shithead ALWAYS draw a sinister conclusion?
    Perhaps SPACE ALIENS designed it! ...uh huh.

  7. Anonymous, that's a good question. I think current events are so baffling and frightening, chaotic, that conspiracy theory in a way reassures people that at least someone's in control, that there is an "enemy" and not merely a barely contained series of events on the verge of spinning out of control into nuclear apocalypse, etc.

    That said, even if the Pentagon is an efficient way to symbolize/house the five branches of the armed forces, we gotta note that stars figure mighty heavily in not only US military regalia, but in civil symbols as well. Nothing sinister need be implied when we ask why, what's the point? Why use stars and not cedar trees, or tridents or lions? Why stars and the like?

    Without ascribing the Pentagon to Illuminist mindfuckery, I would say there's something in its shape beyond mere efficiency.

    We here at LoS would love to hear your take on it? Why not investigate and let us know what you turn up?


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