Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fish Eats Man

Well this certainly caught our eye: "Researchers have been dispatched to the Great Kali river in India to study whether a form of giant catfish called “goonches” have taken to preying on humans. The Indians traditionally burn their dead in the river, which, according to local lore, has led in two ways to the fish attacking humans."

Growing up in back-county Kentucky, I remember tales of divers working on dams and scared sh*tless after stirring up fish bigger than school buses ... which sounded like baloney until I moved up to North Country and witnessed the mighty fresh-water sturgeon, which, to my untrained eye, reminded me of tall tales of Florida gar.

Fresh-water fish big enough to eat men?

That's a believable fish tale to this Canadian neighbor.

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  1. You know we live in strange times when someone can say that the attacks are less likely to be crocodiles than "giant mutant catfish."


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