Thursday, January 29, 2009

Release the hounds....

You may have heard of the case in LA where a man, Ervin Antonio Lupoe, apparently despondent over losing his job, killed his five children and his wife before turning his gun on himself. Sign o' the times indeed.

CNN is reporting that in a letter faxed to Los Angeles television station KABC before his suicide, Lupoe blamed his former employer for the deaths.

The letter claims the couple were being investigated for some kind of fraud or misrepresentation of their status for the purposes of getting better childcare.....something like that anyway, the quote provided isn't very clear as to what exactly Lupoe was accused of doing.

What we're interested in is the conclusion to the letter:

"Oh lord, my God. Is there no hope for a widow's son?"

Let the conspiracy theories begin, for what he writes is almost the Masonic distress call: "Oh Lord, My God Is there no help for the Widow's Son?

Look forward to all kinds of numerology, name analysis, date correspondences and the like. What we got here is obviously some kind of Masonic plot, probably linked to them dastardly Jewish bankers....

Oh shit, apparently we're already yesterday's news!

P.S. 2/11:

This guy's juxtaposition of Masonic imagery and a Kaiser Permanente publicity photograph--3 pillars and a rayed sun--is certainly amusing. Linking the Lupoe tragedy with the birth of octuplets--and the number 8 in general--is probably a wee-bit far-fetched, however....


  1. Times are tough. Love's important.

  2. I haven't found any news on this guy....nothing which says categorically he was or was not a Freemason....


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