Thursday, December 24, 2009

City of Glass: 20 years of the Louvre Pyramid

Came across an article on "Le pied carré"--a Quebec-based architecture and building website--about the previously (& very briefly) discussed Louvre Pyramid:

"20 years ago the Pyramid of François Mitterand saw the light of day from within a swirl of controversy. Today, far from being polemical, it has become one of the unmistakable symbols of the museum aside the "Mona Lisa" and the "Winged Victory of Samothrace". The glass construction nevertheless continues to arouse passions and fantasies about, among other things, diabolical numbers, "princely whims" and the Freemasonic triangle. Oh, the mysteries of the pyramids!"

The article goes on to discuss the controversies surrounding the pyramid, the multiplication of esoteric interpretations and the long history of the "princely whims" of French Presidents and their pet architectural projects, "in the tradition of the builder kings...."

Funny article if you can read French. We'll try to translate it soon for your edification.


  1. Looking forward to the translation, D.

    Why the Bob the Builder? I have long maintained that he is gay and have been surprised that a Republican outcry has not arisen. Perhaps his engagement in such manly pursuits has afforded him some protection from rightwing gay bashing...As long as we arevthe topic of kids and building, have you seen the Lego architecture series? No pyramids, double pillars, or obelisks, yet, but surely this is a recruitment tool of the masons, a reaction to dwindling numbers?

    Long ad we're on the s

  2. "Long ad we're on the s" is our new slogan!

    I've never seen Bob to be honest so I can't comment on his sexuality. I just thought it was a funny dig at the "Builder Kings". Ozymandias as (gay?) animated construction worker. lol

    And yeah, Legos, Bob, Lincoln Logs, Cub Scouts....all playground recruitment schemes by the Freemasons and thus the Illuminati. And the Jews, naturally.

    Speaking of weird anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, I'm sure you've heard of "ZOG" -- Zionist Occupation Government ? The idea that Zionists control the puppet governments of any given nation, the classic.

    Recent cartoon movie "Astro Boy" features a huge robot companion named....Zog. Inculcate the the kiddies with love of their Zionist overlords? :o

    Watch the theories unfold....

  3. Zog, in the film, btw, is a construction robot!

  4. I haven't seen AstroBoy, but when I do I'll have to check for that.

    Incidentally, it's based off a Japanese comic, no?

  5. Oh, & btw, "City of Glass" -- ref. to the Auster novel? I haven't read it. The comic adaptation is supposed to be good, but someone stole it from my local library, so I haven't read that either...

  6. Yes, AstroBoy is originally a Japanese thing from the 50's or 60's, I think. Apparently, ZOG (all caps in the film) was not in the original cartoon.

    I didn't refer to Auster with that title, cuz it's part of the French original, but the author may have been riffing on it. I've read the book, but didn't like it as much as his more recent stuff.

    I went thru an Auster kick a few years back and put away most of his oeuvre. Interesting series of obsessions that guy has....


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