Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"photo by Alan Light"


  1. Fetching! Here's the full shot, which is kind of cool the way you can see how an audience was stacked back there, and note how the focus--both the audience's and the actual camera's focus--are on the celebs; even tho' their off center, your eye is drawn right to her:

    I'm not sure who Alan Light is, but he has a cool picture of Frank Miller, too:

    I say "cool" because I've never seen Frank Miller and wouldn't have pictured him like that. He looks remarkably my brother.

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  3. Yeah, I never imagined Miller like this at all!

    Re: Jennifer Grey photo

    The full shot is nowhere near as cool as this cropped version! The flick of the hair, the look of joy, the color, the bare neck and shoulders. I saw this and was hit with such a pang of nostalgia.

    The crowd and that Baldwin dork take away some of the mystery, make it banal (which it is anyway, really).

    Of course I was dead drunk and had been surfing Wikipedia, so it had some kind of meaning when I posted, the culmination of chance, or some such.

    It won't happen again. ;)


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