Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell: Law of Silence

I don't think we need to tell you that a homosexual cabal is trying to infiltrate our sacred institutions and undermine our country. They, along with their third-culture kid enablers in the White House, have managed to put a transgendered activist in the Commerce Dept. and have strong-armed Charles Schumer into nominating a gay man for federal judge.

These people are the progeny of the Illuminist (gay Freemasonic) cabal undoubtedly behind the NSDAP, or National know, like Obama, like the Nazis. This protObama gay cult is brilliantly described in a fair and balanced manner in The Pink Swastika. Pick it up. The similarities to our own impending homo-fascist state are chilling. Wake up, sheeple!

Perhaps most odious of all is the attempt to destroy the military from within. You may have heard that gay activist Lt. Dan Choi was recalled after a week of shameless gay kowtowing from senior military brass.

Despite the fact that Choi is an Arab linguist, Iraq combat veteran and West Point graduate, he is not competent to serve in the military because he is, well....a faggot. And a chink to boot! Yeah, we know he claims to be Korean, but who can tell? In addition to homosexuals, we propose a blanket ban on all Asians. Never can tell who might be a Chinese spy.

We don't even need to explain why Muslims are out. Potential Jihadis all.

And Jews? Who knows if their loyalties lie with Israel or the Elders of Zion? Out.

Catholics? Don't these Papists bow down before Rome? Divided loyalties again. Out. In fact, all Christians are suspect. No King but Jesus? Out.

Pagans might be okay. They have the primitive brains and bloodlust that suits the military perfectly. We are happy to see that the the Air Force Academy has erected a set of sacred stones for campus druids to strut their stuff. Kudos!

We don't have much left to choose from here except the pagans, but with two wars one the go and some clamoring for more, we may have to make some hard choices. Either shut everyone out and drop the bomb already or just let our prejudices slide and open the door to every degenerate under the sun. We need all the cannon fodder we can get, people! Jeez!


  1. well, conservative have a Wide Stance on issues of sexuality, part of their Big Tent.

  2. Exactly the problem, Jon! We advocate a much smaller tent, a pup tent if you will, of exclusion. ;)

  3. Okay. You may stop masturbating now.


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