Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OK, Gid, I'll bite: Ukelele Madness Part 2

The YouTube tagline is: "Man playing the ukelele." Kind of like describing a Hitler in action as "Man giving a speech." (Not really)


  1. "Man Playing Ukulele" -- that is funny! Like, man has kids: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/20134584/

    I just read that some medical dudes did all this research on Hitler and concluded that he had horrifically smelly farts, frequently. Apparently his top men kept perfumed hankies to hold over their noses. On the other hand, they concluded that he actually did have two 'nads.

  2. Holy Duggars! Of the name Dugger, Wiki-p says:

    "It could not have been too great a step from Du Gour, Dugourd, or Dugour to Dugger. The locative origin is revealed by translating the ancient French term "gourg", (deep hole full of water), and referring to one who lived near to such a feature."

    "Deep hole full of water" could also be one of these "Man Playing Ukelele" phrases. Crass, but poetically and literally accurate, no?

    In the article you cite, they talk about being taken for Mormons or Catholics but in fact are part of an evangelical movement where children are seen as blessings from God--thus they've gone forth and multiplied. Interesting how with vary large families there is often a religious justification.

    Is there a correlation? Are atheist couples more likely to be childless?

    Hard to say, but dig these exensive quotes from "Childfree" (more Wikiwick):


    There have been debates within religious groups about whether a childfree lifestyle is acceptable. Some religious conservatives have stated that it is a rebellion against God's will. In numerous works, including an Apostolic letter written in 1988,[18] Pope John Paul II has set forth the Roman Catholic emphasis on the role of children in family life. However, the Catholic Church also stresses the value of chastity in the non-married state of life and so approves of nominally childfree ways of life for the single. Some religious interpretations hold that any couple who marries with the intention of not producing children is not married within the church.

    The Southern Baptist author R. Albert Mohler, Jr. says, "Couples are not given the option of chosen childlessness in the Biblical revelation. To the contrary, we are commanded to receive children with joy as God's gifts, and to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord."[19], a position consistent with some Protestant denominations' condemnation of homosexuality, gay couples, and gay marriage.[20] In response, there are new churches being formed with the childfree movement. For example, a group called The Cyber-Church of Jesus Christ Childfree is a group of Christians who feel the call to have no descendants by fleshly means, just as Jesus had none.[21]

    Other mainline evangelical Christians have other views, as published in Today's Christian Woman in an article by Raymond Van Leeuwen entitled "Is it All Right for a Married Couple to Choose to Remain Childless?" He shows that Gen. 1:28 "Be fruitful and multiply," what people generally think of as the Biblical mandate to procreate, is really not a command formula but a blessing formula: "You shall be fruitful..." He writes that while there are many factors to consider as far as people's motives for remaining childless, there are many valid reasons, including dedicating one's time to demanding but good causes, why Christians may choose to remain childless for a short time or a lifetime.[22]

  3. Also, I'm assuming the research about Hitler's farts is based on diary entiries or something?

    I've heard Hitler was a vegetarian, which might account for the farting. We decided this year to eat a lot less meat and try to be vegetarian during the week. The money saved then goes into higher-priced organic and local produce, as well as organic meat on the weekends.

    Upshot of all this is that I became a fart machine due to all the protein alternatives, ie beans in our diet. Hummus, falafel, tofu, etc.

    Anyway, be careful if you follow our lead!

    Also, that Hitler photo makes me chuckle every time. Such a cartoonish caricature of a villain. Like Doctor Doom in an old Marvel comic from the sixties.

    The context is that he had a bunch of photos taken of himself at various times in order to study his poses and gestures. The idea being that by choreographing his speeches in such a way he'd be more effective. So, those impassioned speeches are not simply runaway anger, spontaneous emotions. Everything was precise, deliberate, studied.

    I first of of this in a book entitled "Art in the Third Reich" (Berthold Hinz).


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