Friday, April 9, 2010

Three from the bin

Last week was quite an LoS week.

* Read another article about the ritual sacrifice of children in Uganda.

"I call it a problem of psychological disorientation," says the head of the Anti-Human Sacrifice Taskforce. That's one way of putting it.

* A German Bishop was attacked during Easter Mass in Muenster by a man wielding a broom handle. The Bishop gamely held him off with an incense bowl.

We wonder where the attacker intended to put the broom handle.

* Was invited to join a Facebook group about the Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay, an adroit little fellow who has eluded capture for over a year and has been spotted from downtown St. Pete to Temple Terrace. For those of you not from the area, that's a pretty vast spread.

Incidentally read a post on Da Black Whole which features Temple Terrace: "Might’s well have called the place Templar Ziggurat!"

I think of Temples, monkey, monkey brains, really and voila! Temple of Doom! That involved ritual sacrifice of children too. No German Bishop though.

For lack of any detailed post we give you these morsels. To quote a French translation of an article originally appearing in an Argentine daily: "Instead of erudition, we have links."


  1. Hope the Mystery Monkey doesn't have Herpes B virus (endemic in rhesus monkeys, fatal to humans)
    Could throw a little wrench in everyone's fun...

  2. Weird. Both the Gid and I know the author of this article. Dr. Jensen has even posted on LoS.


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