Monday, June 7, 2010

Morsels to tide us over

1. Ever heard of Saint Conus? Neither had we. He's a rather obscure saint which has a following in many far-flung places, wherever Sicilians and Italians from Salerno are found. His day is June 3.

Interesting article about a disappearing New York: Still Taking to the Streets to Honor Their Saints. I hesitate to use the word gentrification in this case, but something of the same cultural divide is described.

2. In other news, 6 bodies were found in a cave near Cancun, 3 with their hearts cut out. If this weren't Maya country, we'd blame Aztecs, not the usual suspects (Narcotraficantes, duh).

3. Archeologists are pondering whether or not a cemetery full of headless skeletons found in York were gladiolas. Oh wait, I mean gladiators.

4. Finally, why is Erykah Badu sporting Royal Arch logo on her chest? And what does the Hebrew character signify?

Does it have to do with the Freemasonic "hijack" of Hip-Hop?

Yikes! Jay-Z put fluoride in my Cheerios!


  1. Here'z a great article on S. Cono.

    He once caught a cannon ball with his bare hands!

    But he's apparently not cannonized, er canonized.

  2. His parents witnessed him praying in an oven, unscathed. Why pray in an oven? To convince his parents? Testing his skills? Showing off?

    This popular canonization is a fascinating process. Like the highly localized and tutelary godlings of antiquity, I suppose.

    We all need a friend on the of our own....


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