Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Smash It Up"

"The criminal fight against culture is only the reverse side of a criminal culture." -- Pierre Klossowski

We've dedicated quite a few posts to the "Illuminati pyramid" of Blagnac. And why not? It is a blatant and unmistakable representation of Illuminist principles, elitism and, according to how one interprets the symbolism of the tessellated map of the world below the fountain, either a goal of world enlightenment....or domination.

Also, people flock to this shit like kids to candy. If we had AdSense or the like we could make a few cents or two. Cash in, like so many seem to be doing, on people's apparent need to believe that somebody is in control.

That world map, by the by, as we reported back in February, has been covered over, literally whitewashed. The paranoid in me might attribute this to all the new-found attention our post eventually generated. Or maybe the mosaic was simply prone to leaks. Author Terry Melanson (Perfectibilists, a comprehensive study of the Bavarian Illuminati) suggested rather wisely that we contact the mairie of Blagnac and find out why this is so; he also suggested we contact the architect behind the monument. Much to our discredit, we haven't done either....yet.

Anyhoo, because it seems to be a topic of interest, we bring you another update. One one side of the pyramid there are two tombstone-shaped bronze tablets bearing swirling images of what appear to be planets and cosmic winds; to these are affixed a smaller plaque bearing an Eye of Providence (observing all and simultaneously radiaiting light) and the text of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.

Gid, incidentally, only just posted an engraving of a woman with an Eye of Providence in the place of her breast, an image subsequenty identified as "Reason." One wonders if the author of that image intended to link the revolutionary Enlightenment sentiment with a warm, maternal feeling, the eye of reason with mother's milk?

In this engraving, she is also wearing a lion skin as a cloak, the head of the lion a kind of headdress. I'm sure this has an established allegorical meaning, but I don't know it. For our purposes, it does remind me of Leontocephaline, upon whom LoS commented in May. This figure is one of the most enigmatic symbols of Mithraism. In the rich iconography of this ancient religion, Mithras himself was often pictured wearing a Phrygian cap, another important Revolutionary symbol. A coincidence, probably.

In any event, one of the bronze tablets is now missing a section.

Did it come loose? Had it become wonky, forcing the municipality to remove it for repair?

Or was it vandalized? Did some angry guy come along and bang it off? Was this a political act? Will we see more of this in the future?

I don't know, but here's a pic for your edification:

Obvious suggestion is to call the mairie and find out what's up.


  1. Check this out:

    I queried "French Revolution" +pyramid, and it took me to the above page on symbols which includes the lion and the pyramid.

    Re Adsense: I can see that making money would be unnecessary while using a free service like blogspot, however owning your own domain is a different story. Hosting fees, on even a shared server, can run you into hundreds of dollars per year, and if you become popular and attract a lot of visitors, you are penalized for it - financially. The more bandwidth your site consumes, the more money you have to fork over. For the first 3 years my site was costing way too much, and despite my aversion to advertising, I had only two choices: either close it down or find a relatively unobtrusive way to generate funds. I chose the latter. And Adsense was the only service that fit my criteria.

    I can't stand it when people antagonize their visitors with boatloads of flashing gifs and annoying flash ads. I really don't care if they're trying to make money or not; it's all about the manner in which they go about it, imo.

  2. Terry, I've always found your site original, thought-provoking and comprehensive. A real service, in other words. I'm not against advertising outright, it's a reality of the game, especially when you have hosting fees to contend with. I wasn't taking a dig at you, in other words. One has to pay the bills.

    I was talking about so many sites which have cropped up over the past few years and which seem more or less cynical attempts to make money off people's interest in esotericism, grail lore, conspiracy theory, etc. More and more rubbish to sort through.

    Anyway, please don't take my remark as an affront, it was directed elsewhere.

    Great link, btw....I see the lion as strength, but why in this fashion. Hercules springs to mind, his lion shawl and whatnot, also denoting strength and so much more.

  3. Liberty Enlightening the World ... through force? The all-seeing eye on the breast doesn't make sense though.

    No offense taken. I know exactly what you mean about some sites. I'll be honest: what
    I make on adsense is considerably more than the costs of maintaining the site. I don't get near as much traffic as, say, a infowars or a rense, however. I can only imagine what they take in through advertising. I get offers from people looking to place ads on my site on a weekly basis. Rather than explain why not, over and over again, I choose not to even reply.

    There's no email for the org that maintains the monument? I'd like to contact them myself if I knew who it was.

  4. Thanks for plugging my book. I appreciate it. People who are already into investigating esotericism will naturally get more out of it than newbies. The Illuminati used the pyramid in their Minerval initiation rites, by the way. The owl was most prominent, but Egyptian elements were present as well.

  5. I'm really looking forward to it. To be honest, my knowledge of Weishaupt's Illuminati is pretty bare-bones, something I've always considered an important gap in my learning....

  6. Perhaps sometimes a tablets just a tablet, but that last image looks a lot like the ten commandments.

    If I'm doing my math correctly, the second tablet would have commandments 6 - 10, which means that number six has been removed.

    Now depending on your religion, the sixth commandment is either "You shall not murder" or "You shall not commit adultery".

    I wonder which of these two sins was committed here, leading to such guilt that the perp was forced to chop of the portion of the tablet that etched his sin, were that tablet to contain such an etching?


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