Thursday, September 1, 2011

11th Foot

Another foot has washed ashore in British Columbia, the 11th since 2007. It is, I believe, the 6th male, right foot, clad in a running shoe. Here's a pic, minus the foot and protruding bone:

I'm astonished that 9 of the 11 are right feet, and that both of the left feet have a matching right foot.

We've stopped speculating & punning, leaving that to the local mounties, but if you're into rumors, ruminations, bad puns, grisly details, & previous findings, you can get your kicks from our previous posts.

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  1. The relatively good condition of the shoe rules out the Tsunami theory, no? That was years ago.

    So wtf? Do you thinks it's an over-imaginative leap to lean towards a serial killer?

    Maybe so many currents lead here that it's not at all an entirely "local" phenomenon?

    Effin' weird.


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