Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kick off your Sunday shoes....

Another human foot has been found floating in British Columbia!  The first article I read says it's the 9th but others claim the 12th.  I think by our count this would be 12....

The difference here is that a) it's the first freshwater find (Sasamat Lake) and b) it's the first one not found in a running shoe but in a hiking boot.

As with the others, authorities are perplexed but not considering it foul play.

Anyway, the article with which I discovered the story is here, but a much better one can be found in the Daily Mail (UK):

But still, authorities say the foot was separated from the rest of its body by natural causes and not a violent means.

Stephen Fonseca of the BC Coroners Service said: 'It would be very difficult for anybody to separate a body without leaving small impressions, little nicks on the bones.'

Mr Fonseca said that the previous cases have suggested that they are not dealing with a ruthless serial killer or another nefarious possibility.

He added: 'The information we’ve got from that would suggest we’re not dealing with anything suspicious.'

But, as we've asked before, why are there so many here, and why now?

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