Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For your consideration

Matthieu is a friend of mine.  Talented musician, great guy. 



  1. Great piano! He's good...

    That's a cool app, too--really holds a lot of music.

    I see we've added a couple of social media buttons!

  2. Yeah, he's pretty impressive on the accordeon as well. Knows a million songs and plays a million more by ear. And probably speaks English better than I!

    As for the social media....think I should eliminate most of them? When I inserted the code I hadn't realized there'd be so many. It seems absurd, no? Intrusive?

  3. Yes, his accordion sounded good, too, and I understand that's a difficult instrument to play (well). Is the accordion particularly French? Somehow I associate it with a particular French/Belgium sound.

    And yes, I'd probably scale back on the icons. Maybe four. Maybe eight. But I'm terrible at the social media stuff, so please don't rely my admittedly poor advice in this matter.

    Oh, and the label made me chuckle.

  4. Yeah, I think it is very difficult, but he's very very good at it. It's used a lot in French music, yes. it doesn't have the rep of being cheesy like in the US. Plus, the music played on it is less of the polka or schmaltzy stuff and more wild "gypsy" tinged music. It's great to have at parties, when thirty or so half-blasted people belt out the standards as the accordeon keeps it all together. I've passed some fun nights that way.

    So anyway, I've removed most of the icons. I actually registered on the ones now showing, so we'll see if it has an effect on the traffic.


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