Monday, February 20, 2012

This boot was made for floating

From CBC News, 3 days ago:

The coroner says foot bones that washed ashore in a boot found on Sasamat Lake [back in November] in Port Moody, B.C., belonged to a man who vanished while fishing on the lake in January 1987.

Nothing to say that we haven't already said before, except that Sasamat was the name of a village at the mouth of the Seymour River and apparently means "lazy people". Not to imply anything!

The white man's name for the area is Indian Arm. An arm, a mouth, a foot. Pretty soon we'll have enough to put a body together....


  1. Just, er, stumbled, across a point I've somehow missed on all this. The BC coastline is rugged and remote. It'd be astonishing, according to random internet commentators, if 1 out of every 10 feet washed ashore were found.

    For example, a whole entire corpse apparently once lay on a BC beach for a full year before being discovered, even though it was actively sought. That's horrifying, and I feel terribly for his family.

    But that does suggest that:

    1) are either lots of undiscovered feet washed ashore,

    2) the found feet were planted, or

    3) feet are more likely to wash up on less remote/rugged beaches.

    The fact that a number of matched feet have been found complicates the thinking on this.

    1. Briefly

      1) are either lots of undiscovered feet washed ashore: Quite likely.

      2) the found feet were planted: I doubt this!

      3) feet are more likely to wash up on less remote/rugged beaches: I would say more likely to be found.

      I'm still puzzled by this. I want to go back to that "foot map" and look into the other "clusters". This is something that the Canada articles, strangely, don't go into. I wonder if these other clusters are as concentrated as this one....


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