Monday, June 11, 2012


Un peu de piston pour mes amies. Si vous êtes à Paris la semaine prochaine, allez-y!

If yer in Paris next week check this out. Le grand os is run by a good guy and the books he publishes are a high caliber mix of poets of different nationalities and styles, all tending to twist and pick apart their respective native tongues.  He's an excellent poet himself, writing wild, mordant satire that manages to disturb and evoke guffaws at the same time.

He and his wife also create unique books, works of art with Surrealist influences, especially French and Latin American antecedents.

But enough blather; this plug'll prolly do zilch to incite attendance, cuz it ain't gwan reach the right ears at the right time no how.


Le grand os est au 30e Marché de la poésie place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6e, 14-17 juin 2012 stand 205-207 jeudi : 14h-22h30 vendredi : 11h30-22h30 samedi : 11h30-22h30 dimanche : 11h30-20h

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