Monday, September 3, 2012


Recently Gid and I have been making comments on an old post (A tessellation of the plane. And beer.Confirmation bias kicked into high gear, so much so that I wanted to re-post those comments here.  Today's news was the clincher.  Reading the original post will make these comments a bit more clear.
So dig this. Blue Moon gets lots of play on this half-serious synchromystic post--and the comments.

August 31 was a rare blue moon, which is nature's way of smiling on....Neil Armstrong's funeral, same day.

September 1. Obama, who got the cop a Blue Moon, releases his beer recipe.

Coincidence? Cosmic joke? Or weird ploy by Obama to slip "beer" into the national discourse, associating it with rare natural phenomena and the celebration of a national hero? Homer Simpson diplomacy?

And oddly, one hero named Armstrong dies just after another is taken down for doping, his heroism undercut, his 7 titles at risk....

This second hero named Lance. French verb lancer means...."to launch"....
OK, stop f*cking with us: Sept 3: Sun Myung Moon dies in Korea (Sept. 2 on the US east coast)


  1. From the Gid:

    Keith Moon would have turned 66 on August 23 if he were still alive! He died from an overdose of sedatives prescribed to relieve symptoms of alcohol withdrawal...

    CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" was a number-one hit in--you guessed it!--September of 1969!


    "Bad Moon Rising" is the name of a book I own about the Rev. Moon and how he became the unlikely darling of the hard right in Washington....

  2. CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" was a number-one hit in--you guessed it!--September of 1969

    Two months after Armstrong stepped on the moon, btw.

  3. Ooh, ooh! This is probably a good place to talk about my favorite conspiracy theory! (My favorite because I thought it up myself and actually kinda believe it, although I'm sure that other people thought it up before me ... hence, a conspiracy.)

    There's this idea that the moon has a bunch of this stuff call helium 3 that could solve the earth's energy issues by providing clean energy for all of humanity for centuries.

    Helium 3 is pretty much non-existent on earth, but it turns out that the moon might have tons of the stuff!

    So the conspiracy theory is that the current race to the moon is motivated by locking into a monopoly of helium 3. Whoever does it first will rule the world!

    Here's someone else on the this theory, written in, phhttt, 2012, about 5 years after I had the same idea! Trust me!

    1. I think there's something to this. One can always hope. Remember Dune, tho: "He who controls the spice controls the universe!"

  4. 10/09 "Moonrise Kingdom" is showing at my local cinema. It came out a while ago but when I saw the poster I clicked back to this. Surely a great example of confirmation bias in action.

    Also, really evokes Rev. Moon. 'Twas you you first posted about that weird coronation he did some years back, no? If you get a chance from the library, maybe read "Bad Moon Rising". Not the greatest book, but the tale is certainly bizarre and intriguing, although I was aghast at many points along the way....

  5. Beautiful Harvest Moon tonight! Big, orange, hovering over the horizon.

    1. I have a memory of the moon, peering out from the back seat of the car, must have been the mid-seventies, going back to Sumter from Columbia (S.C.) and the moon is there, over the embankment at the side of the road, as big as half the sky itself, like one of those blood oranges. A few years later, on top of our villa in Napoli, the moon, again, so big that I can see the craters on it, massive as if it were hovering a few hundred feet off the ground a few miles distant. Impossible moons, almost like dream images. The moon is pure poetry and incites an almost painful nostalgia at times, no? :)


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