Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Ostrich

Since my old website was taken down I've been trying to move everything it once housed onto this here blog.  I thus present The Ostrich.

I neglected to mention when I originally posted this on YouTube that the last "fun fact" in the video was lifted (plagiarized, or as we say in the game, appropriated) directly from the 16th (eye > love capacity) of Christopher Painter's Eighteen Half Truths, appearing in Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency.

I looked up the other facts, though.  Which makes me something of an ostrich expert.  A giant among gnomes, as it were.

This video was inspired by Vogeler and Wilson's Fun Facts: Pigs.


  1. Hey, thanks for re-posting this! I love that fun fact that I borrowed from Painter when I was catching up late in the "fun fact" game. The film's textual adaptation was great: eye > capacity to love.

    I also love that last brief shot, the mirthful rocking...

    1. Was that you who came up with all those fun facts? Haha. I though I'd done that!

  2. Oh, nope, I think that I only added the one fun fact about the capacity to love, which is kind of lame since I just copied it! At least that's my recollection, but I am, ironically too lazy to confirm. :)

    1. A bit like the Tub....there are things I've sworn I wrote which I later realized were not! And I don't care, which is a good sign, I think. Like when you lose full notebook of poems and shrug it off--more where that came from!


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