Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mahna mahna

Next odd headline du jour:

Police: Holmes made puppets after Colo. shooting

Aurora shooter James Holmes, in the interrogation room, pretended two paper bags placed over his hands to preserve gunshot residue were puppets.

From the headline, I was hoping for something more, like maybe he'd actually put on an elaborate show with marionettes and other wooden automatons, but no, just a guy and two paper sacks.

Other odd behavior is detailed.  Huh.  Who'd a thought a guy disguised as the Joker that had just shot a dozen people in cold blood would be acting weird in custody?


  1. It's certainly a novel medium in which to Revelate the Method. Why did he have two paper bags in the interrogation room?

    Tis a sparse Johnny indeed who's gained but one! But two! It's a heart of hearts, I tell ya -- ennit must've been a kind and sweetly Marm on this oif to be baggin' im two lunches fore he be paddin' off to the coolie. Aargh!

    1. Rite char, guv'nah!

      I think the coppers had actually taped the bags over his hands so that he couldn't commence with the wiping and the rubbing in order to eliminate gunpowder residue that might have been blown onto his hands from the gunshots.

      When you think of it, seems pretty natural to start making with the puppetry in such a case. I mean, a sock is a basic puppet, so why not a paper sack?

      If it'd been me in there (and it wouldn't have, I must add!), I'd have refused to answer any questions except thru my attorney, which would be a paper sack puppet, natch!

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  3. I hope they took the sandwiches out before they put em on his hands.

    But they say it was for preserving gunpowder residue? That makes sense given the desperate paucity of incriminating evidence and eyewitness accounts. *poink!*

    And in an interrogation room? Where he apparently went before being swabbed and fingerprinted? Seems odd -- but who knows. It certainly puts another hatch in the kook column.

    1. Yeah, I don't know if he'd been booked at this point, photo and prints etc. Seems a rather primitive method, but hey if it works, simplicity is best I suppose.

      Re: poink. I thought the same thing. I mean, the guy's pretty much caught red-handed, why go for residue-handed. Can't leave any doors open for the defense to sneak him thru. If the glove don't fit and all.

  4. Also, from the article, this could make a fine opening sentence for a novel:

    "The former neuroscience graduate student tried to jam a staple into an electrical outlet."


      On Wednesday, Pearson showed a series of photos that investigators said Holmes took of himself hours before the massacre. In one, he glares through black contact lenses, sticking out his tongue, as two locks of his orange-died hair curl out on either side of his head like horns.


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