Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Diggin' for gold

From fellow traveller .sWineDriveR., originally posted on VAPID BUCEPHALAS, a fine collection of images both beautiful and strange, an animated GIF of the world's most famous anthropomorphic chocolate homunculus:  Choco.

I created Choco many years ago, but it's sWD that has really brought him to life with numerous drawings and comic strips.  One day we'll have to get back to the series of strips we were collaborating on.  Problem is, I'm very lazy.  Anyway, I love this little GIF and it gave me a big smile.

This is as good as an opportunity as any to let you know there's a long-standing Choco page on Facebook, which has all the Choco-related LoS posts and strips, plus some other sketches and storyboards.

More recently created is a Laws of Silence page on Facebook which, for the moment, merely allows us to advertise posts, but which may become "LoS Lite", with links and musings too little to develop into posts.  Or maybe not.

Please check out one or both of these pages and don't hesitate to "Like" them.  If you haven't subscribed to LoS by RSS or e-mail, it's an easy way to keep up with new posts as they come out. 

At the moment, we've got a doozy of a post in the boiler, a collaboration between The Gid and I, a little different from our usual subjects; after a busy January for LoS, things have slowed down a bit because we've been devoting all our writing time to completing it.  So, stay tuned....

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