Saturday, May 17, 2014

15 feet towards nowhere

A 15th foot has been found floating in the Pacific waters near the Canada/US border.  We include a link cuz we've been following this since the beginning but really, we have nothing to say on the subject we haven't already said, no grisly puns to trot out (hehe).


Wikipedia page:

Note that the foot was in a jogging shoe.  I think this means that the jogging shoes are more floaty than other types of shoes, hence the reason we're finding them.  Which makes we wonder how many feet have sunk to the bottom in say, a pair of penny loafers?

That or there's a killer on the road, hunting joggers.


  1. Not too many floating up in concrete shoes, eh?

  2. Nor wooden clogs, espadrilles, stiletto heels etc.

  3. BTW, gid to hear from ya....


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