Friday, August 1, 2014

Found in translation

Back on August 18, 2013 at 3:47am, I posted the following poem on the LoS Facebook page.  
Basically, it's a text from the (Masonic) Grand Lodge of Morocco's website (from which the English seems to have been removed) translated from French to English using a machine translation; one quick read and you'll see why my trade (word pimp/translator) ain't dead yet!  
As I said then:  "Google Translate is a great tool for the creation of poetry."  I'd forgotten about this statement when I did my last post, which, if you follow this virtual rag, was me making poetry using Google Translate.  In the following poem I merely took an existing text and broke it into stanzas.  I may have only used selected blocks of the original text; I can't recall and can't find the original for comparison.
I rarely write poetry these days, but when I was more active at it (as in a daily routine), I experimented with appropriated text with relative regularity.  Someday I'll post pages from the website I made named "Hand of Glory" which showcased my own experiments, various collaborations and examples of  appropriated works from Burroughs, John M. Bennett and statements by various poets about the practice of appropriation.

Until then....



The United Grand Lodge MOROCCO'S NO LONGER LEGAL no legal existence.

BUT EVEN slander

Information: as usual in Freemasonry Moroccan

few weeks after their affiliation,
close members of radical movements
have declared their intentions foul.

Many BB commend themselves
     as a member of our obedience
with persuasions and Lodges
     with whom we have relationships.

Unfortunately sometimes it is a usurper.

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