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Grandmaster Flashy

Grandmaster Flash Henry X°
If you follow Masonic news you've undoubtedly already read about the Masonic Fraternal Police DepartmentThree unworthy craftsmen -- Rev. Tonette Hayes, Brandon Kiel and David Henry -- were arrested at the end of April for impersonating police officers.   Until a day or two ago, they still had a website up.  No great loss -- it was light on info and most sections were password protected.  (Which actually makes sense come to think about it).  Briefly put, this group of would-be cops claims to have been set up in 1100 BC by the Knights Templar.  Maybe they confused BC and AD.... 

Hey, there's already a Templar drug cartel, so why not Templar police as well?

Trouble is, despite that one of the three "Templars" arrested in connection with this case is (and soon to be was, I imagine) an aide to the California state Attorney General (doh!), none of them, including "Chief" David Henry, have any legitimate law enforcement credentials.  The police force, like some if not all of the lodges with which the arrested members claim to be affiliated, are not recognized by any duly-chartered Masonic bodies -- in Masonic jurisprudence they are considered "clandestine" .

It's a weird case.  These guys walked around L.A. claiming to be cops and had acquired an impressive collection of weapons, uniforms, law enforcement-type vehicles....which is why I can't quite ken why members actually went around to various police stations and introduced themselves and their mission.  "Call on us" they announced and left their calling cards, literally; the AG's aide used his card from the AG's office.  I'll bet she's thrilled.

Masonry is quite popular among police officers in the US and the UK -- as well as the military -- and has had a long relationship with Scouting.  From an article about Masonry and Scouting I wrote many years ago:
Scouting itself, as conceived by Lord Baden-Powell, has some undeniable Masonic traits; after all, they are both linear systems of progression which use symbolically-charged rituals to instill in men certain lessons about moral, civic and religious duty.
Excluding the emphasis on religious duty, but not totally devoid of ritual, I think these characteristics could describe police culture as well.  The ranks, the hierarchy, the insular culture and the sense of civil duty, order and solidarity are shared by the Mason and the police officer alike.  Consider for example the Fraternal Order of Police.  One look at their emblem and the Masonic influence is clear:  it contains an eye quite like the Eye of Providence, the clasped hands of friendship and a checkerboard.  The repetition of three medallions on the shield and the three towers of the castle that surmounts it could be a nod to Masonic symbolism.  The emblem itself, like those of police departments across the nation, is a five-pointed star.  In Masonry the star represents the five points of fellowship (see Lone Star Republics) and the widely-used Blazing Star is is considered by some to be "one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry."  For one example see the FOP emblem side-by-side with that of the Order of the Eastern Star.

The FOP is even organized into lodges as opposed to chapters of a union, explained as a result of the anti-union sentiment among the law enforcement establishment at the time of its founding in 1915.  One can't go around assassinating labor leaders and strike-busting and call oneself a union now, can one?  The FOP actually shares at least one set of values with Freemasonry.  When the FOP went national in 1918 it constitution declared that "race, Creed or Color shall be no bar" to membership.  The Grand Lodge of the FOP (another masonic term) doesn't declare any Masonic affinities, but their slogan -- "Building on a proud tradition" -- may be a case of me making mucho ado about nada -- or it may be a nod to Masonic metaphor, e.g. "building better men".

But these Masonic police are not only not police, they're not Masons either, at least Masons recognized by the Grand Lodge of California, Prince Hall or otherwise.  They appear to be led by a guy calling himself Grandmaster Henry X, aka Chief Henry.  Henry's title of "Grandmaster" is as dubious as his title of "Chief".  But that's just for starters.  His Google + profile has him being not only a Templar Police Chief but the head of the Illuminati, to boot!

Bragging rights

Note all those crazy degrees.  He's got the 32° and 33° of the Scottish Rite, the 90° may refer to the Rite of Misraïm.  I wonder if the X is a reference to Malcolm X and the 360° to the Five Percenters?  (Update 11 Aug.:  I was notified in a comment that X° is an OTO degree, so this could be what Henry's referring to).

Hard to say.  Henry may just be adding numbers to his name, but given the plethora of rites and practices both recognized and clandestine available, it's quite possible he actually did some of the degree work he claims to have done.  A picture labelled "A very young Grandmaster Henry X°" shows hims in an all-black Lodge which may or may not be a recognized Prince Hall Lodge. (Update 11 Aug.:  Henry's Masonic mentor, Van Hibler, is or was the Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince of Peace Grand Lodge, identified as "bogus" by The Phylaxis Society, a Prince Hall research organization, itself international, well-respected, and most importantly, legitimate!  I don't know if this photo is of a clandestine Lodge, but Henry's "Masonic family tree" is pretty suspect.  See our follow-up for more details).

Is this a recognized or a clandestine Lodge?  Is it really even Henry?
Whatever the case, we're looking forward to seeing what develops.  The last news dates from 6 May and as far as we know, the Chief has been in custody since this time.

For more about African-American Freemasonry:  Freemasonry and Black Nationalism

For more about fake police forces:  Monarchists and Mercenaries: Say hello to the American Police Force

For more about Henry X°, please see Freemasonries: David Henry X°, Clandestinity and Recognition, a more detailed follow-up to this post.


  1. Potential badjacketing operation of Kamala Harris, a Democratic US Senate candidate for California, to get her associated with kooks and tarnish her public image. See "The Glass House Tapes" book for insight into how right wing forces in CA use clandestine ops like this to form public opinion and shape perception. I would wager that no Masonic lodge or appendent body has anything to do with "Henry X" or his phony police unit.

    1. I'd considered that this is some kind of weird psy-op to that effect. I certainly wouldn't put it past the opposition. She's quite the rising star from what I've read, the front-runner in the race. Do you think Henry or the aide were paid off to pull this thing, or somehow tricked? I hope some LA journalist is looking into this angle.

      I read an article (here)in which the Master of a lodge in LA, Van Hibler, is interviewed. Apparently, Henry was a member and had approached Hibler about starting his own Lodge and when that didn't work out, the police group. Hibler was a kind of mentor to Henry and was disappointed about the news, saying he'd discouraged him from going thru with the PD idea and insisting that any new Lodge had to be formed thru proper channels. So it appears Hnery is or was a legitimate Mason gone rogue, so to speak.

      Check out, Henry X's YouTube channel. In one video he's standing with some (what I suppose are) community leaders behind a police spokesman calling for calm after the Zimmerman verdict. One guy gets up and thanks his colleagues, thankng "our officers....our Freemasons....our preachers" specifically. Henry's there in his top hat and shades, apron, gloves, the whole deal. I wonder what that's all about? The speaker was either tricked by Henry into believing his group is legit, or he's part of the clandestine group, or at least in cahoots? There's a whole cohort of dudes in suits and shades, all wearing the same kind of pin, not Masonic as far as I could tell, but it's hard to see any detail. I'm thinking the three people arrested are just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, Henry's there shoulder to shoulder with the LAPD back in 2014. In fact, why didn't I put that in the post?

      There's another video there with Ice-T, so there's a hip-hop angle to this as well, some miniscule connection anyway. Henry's Google + page seems to have changed. Yesterday it was loaded with photos of celebrities and rappers, some doing the whole triangle gesture, now it's a lot of photos of him with a lot of other guys in expensive-looking Masonic regalia. There's definitely more than three of them! They're either totally clandestine or some legitimate Grand Lodge issued him a charter and will have some 'splaining to do.

      All very odd!

    2. Oh wait, the original photos are still there. He does seem to have some connections with the hip-hop world....can you recognize anyone in these photos?

    3. One of the better articles I've read:

      Among the new info. Henry was a "sporadic" member of Hibler's Prince of Peace Lodge for 20-odd years. Also a licensed security guard....

    4. BTW, just looked it up and The Phylaxis Society (a Prince Hall research organization) lists The Prince of Peace Lodge, in LA, as bogus.

  2. Lol - Tupac, Nelly, Duff McKagen (sp?) - this is so obviously BS as to be ridiculous. The anti-masonic crowd will eat it up though and if it's badjacketing that's the goal.

    1. I've got a new post on this pretty much done. I've asked a couple of people to look it over before I post. Any suggestions on the hip-hop angle? David Henry claims to have been part of the Rhyme Syndicate, which is not entirely impossible....


      The new post should be up in a couple of days.

    2. Nothing except he looks like a fanboy. I would guess that tying himself close to hip hop could be a way to legitimise himself as someone in the know, and mingled into the so called illuminati of the entertainment world.

  3. X° is an OTO administrative degree. It signifies that he is claiming to be the National Grand Master General of that org.

    Burger Boy: "anti-masonic crowd will eat it up"

    Surprisingly not. The "anti-masonic crowd" - at least the dedicated investigators among them - know quite a bit about degree systems, legit or otherwise. Fakers like David Henry can only con the ignorant, like Tonette Hayes, Brandon Kiel or the rap-worshiping Illuminati-wannabes in the inner city. Prince Hall lodges in the ghetto have for years been enticing their initiates with Illuminati this Illuminati that - directly influenced by pop cultural references. There are probably multitudes of Henry's out there, weaving tales and dressing like clowns.

    1. Thanks for this info Terry, I've integrated this into the post. Hope you are well!

    2. When you say "Prince Hall Lodges", probably better to preface that with "clandestine" or "bogus". I don't think any duly recognized PH Lodges are playing the Illuminati card.


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