Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pulling an Oneida, Part 2.

This seal will go
In our last post we marveled over the seal of Whitesboro, NY, which appears to show a pioneer choking an Oneida man to death.  At the time, the village had decided to keep the logo after it was put to the vote.

Apparently all the attention has caused them to reconsider, and the village has now decided to work with the Oneida nation to come up with something new.

The NYT has the story.

See also another recent post:  The Politics of Removal which is in many ways the same story....


  1. Daurade, The "NYT 'has the story'" link seems to point back to the previous LoS post, not to NYT. Hoping you can fix that?

    1. What a stickler for details you are. Jeezus! ;) Haha. Done!

  2. Right on. Love to see the new seal!


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