Friday, December 2, 2016

The Partridge Family Temple: Links to De-perplex?

A portrait and history. Interviews.  Detailed and informative, without being overly biased.

Not much there really 'ceptin a few photos.

Updated as of Nov. 26, 2016. Day-Glo psychedelia, 60's/70's pop references, weird puns, collages, hymns to consumerism, television worship. 

A mirror site of sorts. Whimsy with a hint of sulphur.

A few bar fights are described. The "cult" is portrayed as a band of violent troublemakers. Sinister vibes are reported

More than that, people refer to them interchangeably as nazis, racists, and fascists. As if that wasn't enough, rumors circulate that Temple members engage in orgies, drink each other's urine, and commit incest.

A clip from the Jon Stewart Show with "Point me in the direction of Albuquerque" Partridge. 1000s of members on 3 continents?

Strange rites with a smoking-hot naked chick can be found in this clip from a Swedish TV show.

A short, passive-aggressive lil' profile: "Incidentally, Shaun Partridge appears to be part of the same vaguely Satanistic hipster-misanthrope hate-is-great milieu as Boyd Rice and Jim Goad."

"Well, in the Partridge Family Temple, you become your own God," counters Giddle. They've been studying Mormonism, apparently.

An album of Partridge-related music. On green vinyl. With a locked groove!

Facebook, of course.

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